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Welcome! Please have a seat and we’ll start shortly.

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1 Welcome! Please have a seat and we’ll start shortly.

2 Introduction Why are we doing this study? Diverse area Location next to the rail corridor Development Interest City Council directed

3 Description of the Study Area Demographics (2006) Ward 18 was home to 45,620 people and consisted of 18,390 households. Mother tongue – 40% English and 25% Portuguese 54% of occupied private dwellings were in low-rise apartments, 17% were in high-rise apartments and 24% were in houses.

4 Description of the Study Area Land uses – Neighbourhoods, Mixed Use along the main streets, Employment Employment – new uses for old buildings (Ubisoft on Ward St.) and new buildings for employment

5 The Official Plan A Council adopted document that contains policies related to how the City should grow. Land Use Built Form Parks and Open Space Transportation Heritage Buildings Natural Environment

6 The Zoning By-law The zoning by-law has specific requirements for the type and mass of building that is permitted on each property Land use Height Density Setbacks Amount of open space Parking

7 Review of Employment Areas across the city as part of the mandatory 5-year Official Plan review Employment areas are those set for a range of jobs that can function as clusters where residential development is not permitted. Will include a public consultation component, notices will be sent out in early Fall. To be completed in 2012. Other Area Initiatives Municipal Comprehensive Review

8 City led study reviewing the options for extending the Railpath further south to Strachan Avenue. Will need to consider the expansion by Metrolinx of the number of rail lines in the rail corridor. Public meetings should begin the Fall. Contact is Saikat Basak in our Cycling Infrastructure group. Other Area Initiatives Railpath Extension Feasibility Study

9 5-year Official Plan Review Metrolinx Mobility Hub (Dundas and Bloor) Peel and Gladstone Built Form Review Bloor-Lansdowne Avenue Study Other Area Initiatives

10 Study Area

11 Study Topics 1. Transportation Networks – public road network, bicycle network, and pedestrian routes 2. Parks and Open Space 3. Community Facilities 4. Heritage Buildings 5. Incentives to encourage Employment uses in the area

12 The Result Recommendations on the study topics that can be used to inform new development in the area, and prioritize the needs of the community.

13 Community Meetings – June 6 th and June 13 th Community Walks – July 18 th and 19th City Staff to compile all the information received Community Meetings – September 2011 Report back to City Council by the end of 2011 The Process

14 Tonight Gathering Information Series of maps around the room Pedestrian Realm Parks and Open Space Bike Paths and Routes Community Services Road Network Heritage Recent Developments Key questions for each map Mark-up the maps! City staff to answer questions or take your comments

15 Study Website: My contact information: Sarah Phipps 416-392-7622 Keep in Touch

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