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Osame Kinouchi, Antônio Carlos Roque

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1 Copy-mutate processes for growth of bipartite networks: an application to cultural evolution
Osame Kinouchi, Antônio Carlos Roque Adriano de Jesus Holanda (FFCLRP-USP) Rosa Wanda Diez Garcia (FMRP) Pedro Zambianchi (Faculdade Bandeirantes)

2 Why culinary? Physicists like to explain and model interesting statistical patterns (power laws) New application of complex networks ideas Database relatively easy to construct Analogy to biological evolution: growth network algorithm Similar to other humans, physicists like to eat

3 Why cookbooks? Recipes = cultural replicators (memes)
Recipes in standard algorithmic form Cookbooks provide judicious (non-random) selection of recipes

4 Ingredients and Recipes Bipartite network

5 Cultural invariance

6 Temporal invariance

7 Complementary Cumulative Distribution

8 Recipe degree distribution

9 Copy-mutate model

10 Fitness selection Fitness fi interval [0,1] Substitute if fj > fi
Recipe with K ingredients fi Fitness fi interval [0,1] Substitute if fj > fi fj Ingredient pool

11 Model results

12 Founder Effect

13 Founder Effect (II)

14 Fitness functions

15 Slow dynamics 1-F(t) = c t-g

16 Conclusions Bipartite network of ingredients and recipes is scale free with non-trivial exponent a  1.7 (out of range of generalized Yule process) Rank-frequency plot can be fitted by Darwinian copy-mutate process with ingredient fitness Model suggests presence of “founder effect” and slow (glassy) dynamics in cultural evolution

17 Acknowledgments: CNPq

18 Rank Entropy

19 Rank Entropy

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