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The African Continent.

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1 The African Continent

2 The African Continent Africa is the second largest continent
a fifth of the earth's landmass divided into 54 different countries the equator cuts the continent's into two nearly equal halves generally divided into two regions with reference to the Sahara (the world's largest desert) north of the Sahara sub-Saharan region

3 The African Continent landmass largely consists of plateau land
plateau can be divided into two regions southeastern portion includes the Ethiopian Plateau, the East African Plateau and the Drakensberg Range. northeastern portion contains the Sahara Desert with the Ahaggar Mountains, and in northwestern Africa, the Atlas Mountains Several basins (bowl shaped areas) within the plateaus

4 The African Continent there are several mountain ranges in Africa
the Atlas Mountains in the northwest Mt. Kilimanjaro is the most well known presence of many rivers the Nile – Africa AND the world’s longest Congo River The Niger River The Zambezi River many large lakes Lake Victoria Lake Tanganyika Lake Malawi Lake Chad

5 The African Continent The Ituri Forest A desert The Great Rift Valley
a dense tropical rain forest in the northern part of the Congo River Basin in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) A desert The Sahara Desert – Africa’s AND the largest desert in the world Kalahri Desert Namib Desert The Great Rift Valley runs from the north to the south of the continent

6 The African Climate Alternating wet and dry season
Rain is distributed unevenly From less than an inch to more than 80 inches Northern and Southern Hemispheres almost symmetrical six general climatic regions Tropical Tropical Wet Tropical Wet and Dry Dry Desert Semiarid Mid Latitude Mediterranean Marine west coast Humid Subtropical Highland

7 Dead vegetation in drought-stricken area, Senegal.
The Africa Climate Largest climate zone = Tropical Wet and Dry Savanna (grassland) covers almost half the continent’ Home to most Africans Rain is unpredictable Heavy or light Early or late Or not at all = drought Desertification is a serious problem Turning semiarid lands into desert Caused by droughts, over grazing and people moving onto the land Dead vegetation in drought-stricken area, Senegal.

8 The African Vegetation Regions
Rain forest Grassland Desert and dry shrub Temperate Mediterranean shrub

9 The Tanout, Niger area, situated just south of the Sahara desert
Desertification The Tanout, Niger area, situated just south of the Sahara desert

10 The African People 12% of the world's population
Is large and growing rapidly Second largest and fastest growing in the world More than 1,500 different languages/cultural groups In the North (close cultures ties to the Middle East) mostly Arabs In the South (Sub-Sahara) Amhara, Mossi, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Kongo Zulu, Akan, Oromo, Hausa, and the Masai Europeans – due to colonization Africa is sparsely populated in parts Africa has some of the most densely populated places on Earth Egypt along the Nile River (95% of Egypt’s pop.) principal cities of Africa are usually the national capitals and the major ports


12 The African Economy Farming Herding fishing Hunting and gathering
Subsistence farming (60%) vs cash crop Herding Cattle on the savannas (grassland) fishing Hunting and gathering Very few remain today Mining Gold and diamonds Urban (cities) Along the coast, capital Growing quickly Move for a better life Slums Himba, nomadic pastoralists, girl herding goats, Namibia

13 Agriculture and herding in Africa

14 Africa’s Resources Oil is most valuable Diamonds Gold
Algeria, Kenya, Libya, Egypt, Angola, Nigeria Diamonds 40% of the world’s Gold 50% of the world’s gold Rich in resources

15 Pictures of Africa

16 The Nile The world’s longest river

17 The Sahara

18 Camel Caravan crossing the Sahara

19 Atlas Mountain Northwest

20 Ethiopian Plateau

21 Great Rift Valley

22 Mount Kilimanjaro

23 Lake Victoria

24 Serengeti

25 Flamingoes in Ngorogoro Crater part of the Serengeti National Park

26 The Masai

27 Congo River

28 The Niger River

29 The Zambezi River Lake Kariba

30 Victoria Falls

31 Drakensberg Mountains Southeast

32 Ituri Forest northern part of the Congo River Basin

33 Kalahari Desert

34 Kalahari Desert

35 Kalahari Desert A black-maned lion

36 Okavango Delta an oasis in the Kalahari Desert

37 The Grand Canyon of South Africa Located in Augrabies Falls National Park

38 Augrabies Falls

39 The Great Escarpment in South Africa

40 Africa 54 countries. Over 1000 languages. 797 million people.

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