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BUILDING A WELCOMING COMMUNITY Access to Quality Language and Skills Training.

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1 BUILDING A WELCOMING COMMUNITY Access to Quality Language and Skills Training

2 2 Humber Mission Humber develops broadly educated, highly skilled and adaptable citizens who significantly contribute to the educational, economic, and social development of their communities. We accomplish this by: Preparing learners for careers through a comprehensive choice of educational credentials in a broad range of programming; Developing informed and engaged citizens through an applied and liberal education; Enabling organizations to enhance their effectiveness through customized training and lifelong learning opportunities; and Supporting our local communities through outreach activities.

3 3 Community Outreach & Workforce Development To act as a focal point for Humber and the external community to increase access by: Identifying community needs/gaps and responses Building partnerships to create accessible pathways to Humber and employment Facilitating, coordinating, supporting and/or managing access projects Assisting community partners to build capacity Our Role:

4 4 Internationally Trained Immigrant Advising Service Provides advice on employment pathways or academic programs for internationally trained professionals: Career & educational goals Postsecondary programs and courses Admission and enrolment process Referrals to bridging programs and language and skills upgrading Community resources and referrals

5 5 Language Training and Services Language is one of the biggest barriers to effective newcomer settlement and entry into the labour market. Humber offers: The English Language Centre Occupation-specific Language Training An official IELTS Information Centre

6 6 Bridge Training Projects for Skilled Immigrants Engineering Software Skills Enhancement Program – School of Applied Technology Part time, 2-semester program that provides internationally trained Civil and Electrical Engineers with training in the latest technical and software skills.NET Solutions for Internationally Trained IT Professionals – School of Media Studies & IT 24 week program that provides in depth knowledge of application development using Microsoft.NET 3.5 and database administration, implementation and maintenance using SQL Server 2008

7 7 Sales and Marketing Connections – - helps Internationally Trained Sales and Marketing Professionals move towards employment in their field - Humber teaches Channel Management, Professional Selling, Marketing and E-Commerce Trades Win Support Program – - 11-week program that prepares Internationally Trained Construction and Maintenance Electricians, Industrial Electricians and Millwrights to write and pass the Certificate of Qualification exam Bridge Training Projects for Skilled Immigrants

8 8 Mentoring Partnership - New immigrants (mentees) are matched with mentors who share the same profession - Mentors give 24 hours of their time over a four-month period to help their mentee navigate the job search process by sharing their knowledge, experience and professional networks

9 9 Pathways to Postsecondary I nformation sessions to local middle & secondary schools to inform students regarding the importance of postsecondary education and pathways to accessing apprenticeship, colleges and universities Similar sessions are delivered to parents through partnerships with Rexdale Women’s Centre, MicroSkills, Albion Neighbourhood Services, Rexdale Community Health Centre, TDSB, etc.

10 10 - Provides employment services in 5 communities in Toronto and Brampton -Coordinates Second Career and other initiatives for laid-off workers for Humber Community Employment Services These Employment Ontario services are funded in part by the Government of Canada

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