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Individualized Learning Plans A Study to Identify and Promote Promising Practices.

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1 Individualized Learning Plans A Study to Identify and Promote Promising Practices

2 Project Overview ILPs: A new generation of educational innovation Defining ILPs for this project Research goals and outcomes A capacity building strategy to support innovation and research 2

3 Reforming the Means Since 1983, progressively focused, MEANS driven reforms called upon states to: – Set world class academic standards – Use assessment to document learning and close gaps – Improve teacher education – Develop partnerships with parents, businesses, and postsecondary education institutions 3

4 .... to Reforming the Ends All students graduate ready for college, careers and citizenship ( All students deserve the opportunity to graduate from high school and to participate successfully in work and education after high school (Pathways to College Network) 4

5 Additional END focused reforms: To identify what youth need in order to achieve successful participation in postsecondary education and training, civic engagement, meaningful employment, and adult life (National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition, 2006) State performance plan indicators (IDEA 2004) Indicators 1,2,13,14 5

6 Framing the Means-End Gap 6

7 Addressing the Means-End Gap Discover what works locally Exploit international, national and state longitudinal data systems for local status and performance evidence Develop expertise and tools for local collaboration Create strategic research and innovation partnerships 7

8 ILPs: Central to Linking Means and Ends-driven reform According to ECS, 20 states now have ILP policies, 14 with two or more years of implementation. Guided by evidence based practices, e.g. advisories, culminating projects, parent engagement Informed by key outcomes, e.g., high school and beyond plan, certificate of individual or academic achievement, expanded graduation requirements 8

9 Individual Learning Plan: A Definition An Individualized Learning Plan is a strategic planning tool which assists students in course selections and provides opportunities for coordinated learning experiences, including career development and career exploration activities intended to help them identify and achieve post-secondary goals. 9

10 ILP Study Goals and Purpose To what extent do students with more robust and fully-implemented ILP’s: – demonstrate more engagement in career decision-making? – report more confidence in the career search process? and – report higher workforce readiness? 10

11 In addition… To what extent do students with more robust and fully-implemented ILP’s: – understand the relevance of course material and learning experiences that support increased academic and career development? – perform better in school as indicated by grades, attendance, and assessment scores? – Have better longitudinal outcomes? 11

12 Selection of States Of the 20 states requiring ILPs, seven states appeared to use them extensively in high school settings In consultation with ODEP, four states were chosen for this study: Washington, New Mexico, South Carolina, Louisiana 12

13 Research Design 13 Guideposts for Success Indicators Curriculum Indicators Social Cognitive Career Theory ILP Indicators of a Quality Learning Environment Decision-Making Readiness Career Search Self-Efficacy Adaptability Resilience Career Development Indicators Workforce Development Indicators Engagement

14 The Guideposts for Success Learning Experiences to Support Career Development 1. School-Based Preparatory Experiences 2. Career Preparation & Work-Based Learning Experiences 3. Youth Development & Leadership Opportunities 4. Connecting Activities 5. Family Involvement and Support Activities 14

15 15

16 Capacity Building and Research Strategy Phase 1Conduct a context and needs analysis Phase 2Design ILP intervention and evaluation Phase 3Generate a program improvement plan Phase 4Collect formative feedback and improve performance 16

17 Action Plans Technical Assistance Needs ODEP, NCWD/Youth, and the CEW will co- manage a capacity building process with each school team The TA and PD will include: – Webinars and consulting – Conferencing with other states and schools – Compiling and examining data – Communicating results locally and nationally 17

18 Products and Resources from NCWD/Youth How to Guides Information and Policy Briefs Background Papers Facts and Statistics Jump Starts Funding Sources Training Materials 18

19 Our Web Sites The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) Center on Education and Work (CEW) Institute on Community Integration (ICI) 19

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