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Web Vulnerability Assessments

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1 Web Vulnerability Assessments
NEWDUG January, 2015 In order to modify the “client confidential” notice please go to View > Slide Master and delete or edit the text box Click “close slide Master” on the Slide Master tab to exit

2 Agenda About Web Vulnerability Assessments Tools Demos Goals Types SOW
Steps Tools Demos Goals Demonstrate Web VA, show techniques Pen-testers and Hackers use to find vulnerabilities in your sites Provide some techniques and tools to help secure your code

3 John Reynders Consultant with OpenSky Corp.
Seven years experience in Web Security: Program Development Dynamic Testing Static Analysis Coding Standards Web Application Firewalls Eight years of general Information Security experience

4 OpenSky - An Award Winning Company
Everything starts with our people. Our success comes from their expertise and dedication to always “doing the right thing” for our clients. Our people Expert resources: CRN Tech Elite 250 (2013) Quality work environment: Top Workplace (2011, 2012, 2013) Our people create top tier solutions GRC Solution Award with client Shire Pharmaceuticals: OCEG (2013) Our people and our solutions create lasting relationships and new partners Multiple growth awards: Inc 500 (2012), CRN (2011, 2012), Marcum Tech Top 40 (2011, 2012)

5 Complete Solutions for Major Enterprises
Secure Manage Plan, Design & Migrate IT Risk Management & Security Services Assessment and Advisory Application Secure Coding Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Security Program and Framework Technology Implementation and Engineering Mobile Device and Virtualization Security Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure Services Data Center and Cloud Integration Network Infrastructure Virtualization Storage and Computing Infrastructure Applications End-User Computing GRC Services GRC Strategy GRC Maturity Assessment GRC Configuration and Custom Development Technical Business Consulting IT Transformation and Strategy Technical Project Management IT Supplier & Sourcing Management IT Expense Management

6 Web Vulnerability Assessments
Conducted against a contract with specific terms, most often called the Statement of Work (SOW) Specify in the SOW: System to be tested (URL) Production or Non-Prod? Type and level of testing Level of Automated and Manual testing “Safe” Tests only? Hours for testing Nights only? Whitelist IP addresses in WAF, IPS? Special Concerns? The more information the better the assessment Additional considerations: Number of user roles, whether retesting is included, if non-prod, will travel be involved.

7 Web Vulnerability Assessments
Types of Application Security Testing: Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST) “Black Box” Tests actual web site for vulnerabilities Simulates what a real attacker would do Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) “White Box” Tests code for vulnerabilities A real attacker would likely not have access to the code, this method is a different approach to identifying potential security flaws. Hybrid “Glass Box” Dynamic test against instrumented web server Manual testing can occur in each type Talk covers Dynamic Testing Some tools perform static analysis of JavaScript

8 “Typical” Web Assessment Steps
Recon Site components and architecture Open ports? Hack the server Manually crawl site with an Intercepting Proxy Automated Scan of site Results verification – False positives removal Manual testing Things tools don’t do well Business Logic Privilege Escalation etc. Reporting

9 Recon Visit site Site information Google Dorks Port Scan
Netcraft, Shodan etc. Google Dorks Files, passwords, WSDL, Admin logons etc. Port Scan Nmap, Nessus, Qualys May perform an infrastrucuture vulnerability scan Missing patches, configuration issues etc. Check security configuration

10 Configuration Checkers
Microsoft Web Application Configuration Analyzer Needs Admin on Server, Checks SQL Server too Check Your Headers SSL Labs ASAFAWEB

11 Crawl Site with Intercepting Proxies
Burp* Fiddler Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) * - Free and Professional versions

12 Intercepting Proxy Intercepting Proxy Man-in-the-Middles all traffic
Hackers and Testers can see all data transmitted Hidden Fields => NOT a security feature

13 Burp

14 Burp – Analyze Request & Response

15 Scan Site – Dynamic Scanners
Acunetix AppScan WebInspect Burp & ZAP have scanning modules

16 AppScan


18 Resources WASC -
OWASP - Cheat Sheets Testing Guide WASC - Not updated recently but some good content The Web Application Hacker's Handbook

19 Web Site:
Contact Information Web Site:

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