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Figurative Language Cheat Sheet

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1 Figurative Language Cheat Sheet
Figurative: representative words, not literal (or real), meaning something else

2 *Allusion is extra but very important*
S.O.P.H.I.M.A.A This is an ACROYMN which means these letters stand for other words. We use this to help us remember all of the major types of figurative language: Simile, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Hyperbole, Imagery, Metaphor, Alliteration *Allusion is extra but very important*

3 Simile: a comparison of two things using “like”, “as”, or “than”
Tip: think of the word SIMILAR which means things that are almost the same so they can be compared

4 Onomatopoeia: words that are the sounds they spell out
Tip: think of how funny this word sounds when you read it aloud

5 Personification: giving human characteristics to non-human objects
Happy Sun Sad Cloud Talking Tree Tip: think of the word person to help you remember

6 Imagery: very detail descriptions that use the five senses to describe an object; ‘paints a picture in your head’ Tip: think of the word imagination or image to remember that imagery paints a picture with words

7 Metaphor: a direct comparison of two things that have similar characteristics in common
My love for you is an ocean, deep, powerful and fantastic. This means that the love felt for another is strong and overpowering; most people think the ocean is the same way. Tip: to recognize a metaphor or to write one think of an item that could represent something else: if you were to have a list of things that described each item, most words should be the same.

8 Alliteration: the repeating of the same sound in the beginning of words in a series (usually the same letter) Tip: think of repeating letters and the word alliteration sounds like “a- LETTER-ation”

9 Allusion: mentioning of someone or something very famous that most people know
Get it? We have to know about the Wicked Witch of the West in order to know about this comic! Tip: remember that “ALL” of “US” should know the famous people

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