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An initiative of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. “This project is funded in part by a grant/cooperative.

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1 An initiative of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. “This project is funded in part by a grant/cooperative agreement with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development and the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission” Work Incentive and Disability Employment Grants Conference Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration May 29-31, 2002

2 Who is WORKFORCE ONE? Facilitator Catalyst Convener Workforce One brings all of the key players together generating trust, cooperation, and mutual respect as workforce issue are identified & solutions are formed.

3 What is WORKFORCE ONE? A community-based, initiative of the Chamber the Greater Richmond Partnership, and the Richmond Regional Planning District established in 1998 Unites the business community, educators, training providers, job seekers and local organizations to identify the workforce development needs of the Greater Richmond region. Catalyst that sparks the development of initiatives that address the specific needs.

4 The Ultimate Goal Facilitate the expansion of the Pool of Qualified Workers by Identifying and Communicating the Needs of the Business Community Facilitate the Expansion of the Pool of Qualified Workers by Improving Access to Workforce Information, Services and Opportunities

5 Key Partners of a Workforce System Business Education & Training Local Government Workforce Investment Boards Community Organizations Economic Development ( Chamber & GRP Jobseeker

6 WORKFORCE ONE Current Work Community Action Groups Industry Action Groups Business Service Center supported by the Workforce Wizard, web based technology

7 BLN Business Leadership Network Corrections MREN Metro Richmond Employment Network CAGs  Sub-committees for CAGs  Community Action Group Initiatives: Adult Issues Steering Committee Business Advisory Juvenile Issues Steering Committee Verizon TechnoTrain United Way Early Childhood Development Grant

8 Metro Regional Employment netWORK In partnership with the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and WORKFORCE ONE “Where Richmond Works Together” Metro Richmond Employment N E T W O R K Your Workforce Connection...

9 MISSION STATEMENT To enhance partnerships among workforce development professionals and the business community.

10 What is the netWORK? Coalition of over 25 public and private organizations. Forum for business to inform the public sector about their company and recruit potential employees. Opportunity for Job Developers and Employment Counselors to COORDINATE Services for business.

11 Hire from alternative labor sources Persons with disabilities Down-sized/displaced workers Economically disadvantaged persons Mature workers

12 The netWORK Advantages Cost-effective Quick, easy access to screened, qualified candidates Free with NO obligation Access to diverse labor sources Gain financial incentives Access to applicable tax credits Subsidized on-the-job training programs

13 Contact Information WF1 website page mren.asp or (804) 662-7153

14 Business Leadership Network

15 What is the BLN ? Employer led venture of the US Dept. of Labor –Office of Disability Employment Policy Promotes best practices to enhance employment opportunities for those who happen to have a disability Diversity policies that include people with disabilities Hiring practices that target candidates with disabilities Thomas Donohue, President / CEO of the US Chamber serves as Head CEO of the BLN

16 VABLN SunTrust Bank - Virginia’s lead company Corporate commitment to increase workforce diversity thru a letter of commitment Partner with VA Dept. of Rehab Services –Review accessibility and accommodation issues with employers and customers –Conduct internal sensitivity and awareness training –Outreach to applicant pool thru MREN

17 Our Mission Increasing workforce and marketplace diversity by including people with disabilities Our Vision A network of Best Practice Employers recognized as Virginia’s business resource to enhance the employment of people with disabilities

18 VABLN Membership and its Benefits Business Led Network Workforce Diversity Marketplace expansion Best Practice Resources Offers Business Case – speaks same business language Increase diversity to include people with disabilities Focus on products and services Recognize and promote best practices

19 Contact Information USBLN VABLN e.mail: (866) 624-3502

20 Manufacturers Construction/ Trades ITHealth IAGs  Sub-committees for IAGs  Manufacturers Educ Consortium Gateway Group Apprenticeship Committee Plant Managers Group Education Marketing Industry Action Group Initiatives:

21 The Business Service Center Research 15 Focus Groups Representation from business, education & training, community, economic development, state & local government Regional representation

22 Single point of contact for business and economic development Provide the services business needs Expand the pool of qualified workers Facilitate and complement, not duplicate Be financially self sufficient Business Service Center “Workforce Wizard”

23 Coordination of Recruitment Services Coordination of Training Services Dissemination of Labor Market Information

24 Business Service Center Workforce Wizard (Business Service Center) Industry Action Groups Community Action Groups Jobseeker Business Economic Development VEC/WIB’s Education/Training Providers Public and Private Recruitment/ Staffing Organizations Local Government Community Organizations

25 How successful are you at building partnerships with: Community organizations Local Chamber of Commerce Dept. of Rehabilitative Services

26 Contact Information Patricia M. Walton Senior Manager, Community Initiatives Workforce One 201 East Franklin Street Richmond, VA 23219

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