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HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Marcela López Hurtado.

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1 HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Marcela López Hurtado

2 Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is a network protocol based on HTTP protocol, for the secure transfer of data is hypertext is the secure version of HTTP

3 Thus ensures that sensitive information (username and pass key usually) can not be used by an attacker who has managed to intercept the data transfer connection, because all you get is an encrypted data stream that be impossible to decipher. The system uses an encrypted HTTPS based on Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to create an encrypted channel. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

4 How do we know if a site has an SSL certificate under protection? The first is the prefix of the HTTP URL of the site, changes to HTTPS (HTTP secure means). The second thing is that somewhere in the browser window (this depends on browser used), it displays an icon shaped padlock

5 How it works HTTPS protocols are used by browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome, among others. The standard port for This protocol is 443.

6 Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Mainly used by banks, online stores, and any service that requires the sending of personal data or passwords.

7 Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

8 Advantages HTTPS to avoid attacks by hackers. currently the most commonly used system to ensure secure payments Internet. SSL has become an Internet standard and is included by default in Microsoft Explorer browsers and Netscape Navigator.

9 REFERENCES tu-sesion-de-wordpress-con-ssl/ tu-sesion-de-wordpress-con-ssl/ s/BarracudaDrive/HttpsTunnel.lsp s/BarracudaDrive/HttpsTunnel.lsp

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