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Myers Hubs Crouse-Hinds Training Module.

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1 Myers Hubs Crouse-Hinds Training Module

2 Myers Hubs Outline History Applications Product Features
Certifications and Compliances Types of Myers Hubs Additional Hubs Available Marketing Materials

3 Myers Hubs History Pre-1949
Welding was standard to bond coupling to enclosure, to maintain a watertight connection and ground for conduit entering enclosure. 1949 Myers Hubs established. Invented the Scru-Tite® Hub. Watertight / Dust Tight Joint. Positive Electrical Ground. UL / CSA Approved. Eliminated need for welding. 1997 Myers acquired by Cooper Crouse-Hinds.

4 Myers Hubs Applications
Used in wash down, harsh industrial, outdoors, hazardous, corrosive / chemical atmospheres, for grounding, indoor rigid conduit, OEM, and overseas applications (metric adapters). In conjunction with enclosures / wireways fabricated from sheet steel, stainless steel, cast, and non-metallic materials. Industries such as refineries, paper mills, food processing, breweries, waste water treatment facilities, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, steel mills, and marine applications.

5 Myers Hubs Product Features Vibration Proof
Strong, oversize nut with radial serrations assures flush installation and positive grounding. Optional Grounding Screw For Added Safety Captive “O-Ring” Gasket Impervious to corrosive moisture and petroleum products. Buna-N gasket assures positive water and dust-tight installations. Precision Machine Cut NPT Threads Positive fit and simple installation.

6 Myers Hubs Product Features No Welding Posi-Lok Insulated Throat
Unique serrations on both nut and hub bite into metal assuring a positive electrical ground (UL approved for use with service entrance conduit.) Posi-Lok Insulated Throat Cannot come out. Made from flame retardant Lexan®. Standard in sizes from 1/2” through 4” Fit Standard Knockouts. Hub Basic Scru-Tite zinc 1/2” – 2” products available with optional chrome plate finish. (add suffix - CP)

7 Myers Hubs Certifications and Compliances UL Listed CSA Certified
Class I, Division 2 NEC 501-4(b) Class II, Division 1 & 2 NEC 502-4(a)(b) Class III, Division 1 & 2 NEC 503-3(a)(b) For use with NEMA Enclosures 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, and 12. (Check hub type for individual compliances) Optional IEC / CENELEC Hubs for: Zone 1, Ex e II Zone 1, Eex e II Zone 1, Aex e II

8 Myers Hubs - Types Scru-Tite® Hub - ST and STA Series
Available in zinc or aluminum. Sizes range from 1/4” through 6”. Ground Hub - STG and STAG Series Available in zinc or aluminum. Sizes range from 1/2” through 6”. Provides ground screw on locknut.

9 Myers Hubs - Types Stainless Steel Hub - SSTG Series
316 stainless steel construction resists corrosion and pitting in chemical atmospheres. Sizes range from 1/2” to 2” Grounding Screw provided on lock nut.

10 Myers Hubs - Types Through Bulk-Head Fitting - STTB, STTBA, STTTB, STTTBA Series. Available in zinc or aluminum. Available with or without a nipple. Sizes range from 1/2” - 2” For installation of conduit through fire wall or partial bulkheads.

11 Myers Hubs - Types IEC / CENELEC HUB - STGK or SSTGK Series
Available in zinc or stainless steel. Sizes range from 1/2” - 2” in zinc. Sizes range from 1/2” - 2” in stainless. Class I, Zone 1, Ex e II - IEC approved. Class I, Zone 1, EEx e II - CENELEC approvals through DEMKO (European test lab) Class I, Zone 1, AEx e II - NEC Article 505 approved. Hub includes increased safety ground terminal and locking screw on lock nut.

12 Myers Hubs - Types Metric to NPT Adapter - STM and SSTM Series
Available in zinc or stainless steel. Sizes ranges: M20 to 1/2” up to ….. M75 to 2 1/2” (zinc) M63 to 2” (stainless steel) Used to convert a threaded metric entry to an NPT entry.

13 Myers Hubs - Types Ground Nut - STGN and STAGN Series
Available in zinc or aluminum. In zinc sizes range from 1/2” - 2”. In aluminum sizes range from 1/2” – 6”

14 Myers Hubs - Types Cap-Off - STC and STAC Series Drain Plug
Available in zinc or aluminum. Zinc Sizes 1/2” - 2”. Aluminum Sizes 1/2” – 1” Economical way to cap-off a knock out. Drain Plug Available in aluminum or stainless steel. 1/2” trade size. Available with locknut for 1/2” KO or with NPT threads for threaded opening. Designed to drain any accumulated condensation.

15 Additional Hubs Raintight Malleable Iron Conduit Hubs Product Features
Male thread type Tapered Female thread for rigid conduit & IMC Recessed O-ring gasket assures raintight & dust tight connections Insulated throat provides smooth pulling surface Locking screw on nut doubles as a grounding screw for added safety Compete sizes range from 1/2” – 6”

16 Additional Hubs Iron Space Saver Conduit Hubs Product Features
Male thread is on the nut for space saving Quick and easy when installing rigid conduit nipple between two existing enclosures Insulated throat provides smooth pulling surface Furnished with SG sealing gasket Hub fits standard knockouts. No special tools required

17 Myers Hubs - Marketing Materials
Commercial Products Catalog Cross Reference Guide Commercial Products Pocket Guide Myers Hubs Product Brochure

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