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Wind Energy Mohammad Farooq, Khayyam Saleem, Evan Keating.

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1 Wind Energy Mohammad Farooq, Khayyam Saleem, Evan Keating

2 ● Wind energy -> Mechanical Energy -> Electrical Energy ● Generator used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy How Wind Power is Generated


4 ● Characterized by wind power density classes o 1-7, 7 being the highest ● Good wind resources: 3 or higher ● Energy derived proportional to square of wind speed Resources of Wind Energy (US)


6 Industrial => Every state => Farms Utilities => States with open space Consumer => Little to none ($$$) Target Market

7 ● Free, renewable source ● Clean, non-polluting electricity production o 1990 - California’s wind production offset emission of carbon by >2.5B pounds ● Sustainable Advantages of Wind Power

8 ● Domestic source of energy o Reduces dependence on foreign countries ● Turbines can be built on existing farms and ranches Advantages of Wind Power

9 ● Good wind sites usually located far from where power is needed ● Turbines may not be the most profitable use of land Disadvantages of Wind Power

10 ● Noise and aesthetic pollution ● Turbines may damage local wildlife/ upset ecosystem o Birds fly into wind turbines ● Wind can not be predicted Disadvantages of Wind Power

11 ● Available space for turbines often distant from major cities and power plants ● Wind not consistent in most areas ● Technology still developing ● More expensive than cheap fossil fuels Roadblocks

12 ● US taxpayers paying extra $8.5-$10 billion per year for wind energy ● Only generates 3.5% of electricity Expenses

13 1.US 2.India 3.Germany 4.France 5.Spain 6.UK 7.China 8.Denmark 9.Italy 10.Portugal Examples of where it is used

14 Expenses


16 Total Initial Cost/(Annual Energy Cost Savings – Annual Operating Costs) = Payback time, in years ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Residential 5 kW system = $15,000 Residential $0.06/kWh x 10,000 kWh = $600 Residential $0.01/kWh x 10,000 kWh = $100 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15,000/($600 – $100) = $15,000/$500 = 30 years Payback Period for Deployment

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