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2 Scholarship Program Objective –Scholarship fund is established with the objective of promoting higher education by offering scholarship to qualified students who are pursuing full time Degree or Diploma courses. Eligibility –Open to all First year (1 st ) students of Age below 25 yrs); who have gained acceptance in local universities with good academic results in the last SPM/ STPM. Degree (Minimum 6 A’s-SPM, 4P -STPM) Diploma (Minimum 3 A’s) Mandatory A for at least one (1) Science subject, Modern Maths and Credit for English and Bahasa Malaysia –Not holding other scholarship / loan (such as PTPTN). –Parents combined income not exceeding RM 3000 per month. Discipline: –Mechanical / Electrical / Chemical Engineering. –Polymer / Applied Science. –Computer Engineering.

3 Value of Scholarship –Degree-Up to RM 15, 000 per year –Diploma-Up RM 7, 000 per year (With 2 Guarantors) Disbursement –Initial Advancement – Upon registration (If required – max 50% of the yearly amount). –Must achieved minimum CGPA of 3.0 for each semester. Criteria YearReasonDegreeDiploma 1 FailEnd agreement. Payback full amount disbursed. CGPA below 3.0 2 FailEnd agreement Payback full amount disbursed. Repeat – Own Cost. If not end agreement and payback full amount. CGPA below 3.0Own cost. Disbursement only when next result above CGPA of 3.0 3 FailRepeat – Own cost. If not end agreement and payback full amount. CGPA below 3.0Own cost. Disbursement only when next result above CGPA of 3.0. 4 FailRepeat – Own cost. If not end agreement and payback full amount. CGPA below 3.0Own cost. Disbursement only when next result above CGPA of 3.0. Scholarship Program

4 Service Bond –Successful applicants, upon completion of course, will be required to serve GLOBETRONICS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD for: Degree- 3 years Diploma- 1.5 years How To Apply –External Print out the Application Form from the website Dully completed Application Form giving full personal and academic particulars, substantiated certified copy of actual examination results, parents’ salary slip / Income Tax statement, Letter of acceptance issued by local universities and other relevant documents must be submitted to the following GLOBETRONICS SDN BHD PLOT 2, PHASE 4, FREE INDUSTRIAL ZONE BAYAN LEPAS, 11900 PENANG. For more information kindly contact 04-8194108 (Nazry), 04-8194112 (KC Ng) or email: Scholarship Program

5 About Programs Offered & Eligibility Q: When will the application be available? A: Sometime around January and July of every year starting July 2007, after the announcement of SPM and STPM results. Q: What are the courses / fields of study offered? A: The scholarships are awarded to students pursuing courses in Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Chemical or Computer Engineering. Q: What are the academic requirements for this sponsorship? A: For Degree SPM - Minimum 6As (Mandatory A’s for Science and Maths). STPM - Minimum 4 Principles. A: For Diploma SPM -Minimum 3As (Mandatory A’s for Science and Maths). Minimum Credits in Bahasa Malaysia and English for both Degree and Diploma. FAQs

6 About Sponsorship & Contractual Obligation Q: Who can apply? A: Open to Malaysian citizens aged between 17 – 25 years, who have sat for the SPM/STPM/Diploma/Matriculation examination for the previous years and have obtained year 1 placement in local universities for the current year. Q: I am on my second (or third or fourth year) now and would like to apply for scholarship? What should I do? A: The scholarship is only open to students, who are about to enter their first year at recognized universities. Q: I have just gotten my SPM results, which category should I apply for? A: You may only apply once you have obtained year 1 placement for the Diploma or Degree category. GTB does not provide financial assistance for A-levels, Foundation or Matriculation studies. Q: I am currently doing my Foundation year. Can I apply for the scholarship? A: No. GTB does not provide financial assistance for students currently pursuing their A-levels, Foundation or Matriculation studies. Q: Do you offer sponsorship to study overseas? A: No. The scholarship is only for full time courses conducted in Malaysia. Q: How many times a year is the scholarships offered? A: It is offered twice a year with quota. (3 Degrees’ and 2 Diplomas’) Q: What happens if I miss the deadline? A: Late applications will not be entertained. FAQs

7 Q: I haven't gotten my offer letter yet? How can I apply? A: Application can only be proceeded once you have received the offer from the university. Q: Can I change my program or course midway during my studies? A: No. You are not allowed to change course without prior approval from Globetronics Technology Bhd. Q: How often does GTB pay the scholarship amount? A: The agreed amount will be banked into the student's bank account once the claim together with the semester slip result are submitted. Q: Will I have to pay back GTB after I graduate? A: No. However you will be bonded and require to work with one of GTB subsidiaries for a period of 3 years for Degree or 1.5 years for Diploma. Q: Will I have to work for the GTB after I graduate? A: Yes as per above. In an event where GTB does not have job for you after 6 months, you will be released from bond of service with no obligation. About Application & Selection Process Q: Can I apply online? A: No. Application form can be obtained online but applicant has to personally submit the form to the Company. Q: When will I know if my application is successful? A: Only short listed candidates will be notified for an interview. If you do not hear from the Company by March or September, you may consider your application unsuccessful. FAQs

8 Q: What is the next step after I submit the application form? A: If you are short listed, you will be notified of the interview date. Q: Where will the interview be held? How long will it take? A: The interview for short-listed candidates will be held at Globetronics Sdn Bhd, Plot 2, Phase 4, Free Industrial Zone,Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang. Each interview session will take between 20 to 30 minutes. Q: How many scholarships will be offered? A: Only 5 awards will be granted a year. * Degree – 3 * Diploma – 2 Q. How much is the scholarship amount? A: Undergraduate studies at local universities - RM15,000/= p.a. Diploma / Advanced Diploma - RM7,000/= p.a. Q. Do I have to apply for scholarships every year? A. No. The amount awarded will be reimbursed twice a year upon meeting the set requirement of CPGA 3.0 for each semester or the duration of your course. FAQs

9 Q. How do I check the status of my application? A. As only short listed candidates will be notified, please consider your application unsuccessful if you do not hear from us 2 months after your have submitted your application. Q. How are the applicants selected and notified? A. Candidates will be evaluated based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, financial need & family background. Short-listed candidates will be called in for an interview. Q. Can I take a PTPTN loan and apply for GTB scholarship at the same time? A. No. In the event that your application is successful, you will have to give up all other forms of financial aid. Q. What other benefits come with the scholarship? A. Apart from financial assistance, GTB also offers opportunities for industrial training at relevant GTB subsidiary company. Q: Can I go for further studies after I get my first degree? A: Yes you may, however GTB does not sponsor Postgraduate studies. -End- FAQs



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