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Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Powerpoint Templates Page 2 Something you own that has value There can be assets that gain value over time…. What is an Asset?

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2 Powerpoint Templates Page 1

3 Powerpoint Templates Page 2 Something you own that has value There can be assets that gain value over time…. What is an Asset? Or loss value over time..

4 Powerpoint Templates Page 3 Centrally located or widely distributed Fixed, moveable or even mobile Mechanical, electrical or civil IT or Non-IT assets Software Assets Asset Category

5 Powerpoint Templates Page 4 Can be moved to new locations Can be assigned to employees Can be replaced or swapped Can be removed for repairs Assets

6 Powerpoint Templates Page 5 What do I own? Where is it? What condition is it in? What is the current state of my assets? What is its remaining useful life? What is its remaining economic value? Why Asset management?

7 Powerpoint Templates Page 6 Assessing the current value of assets Assessing the current state of assets Establishing a required level of service Determining which assets are critical Reducing the time for the management of assets What Asset management Entail?

8 Powerpoint Templates Page 7  Easy tool for Asset tracking  Installed on a Web/Intranet Server  Accessed from any time, any where in world  No Installation & configuration required in client PC  Only a web browser & internet/intranet connection required for accessing the software

9 Powerpoint Templates Page 8  Maintains all details of assets  Ability to manage millions of assets  Tracks  where your assets are,  what state they are in  who they are currently assigned to  Make organizations asset inventory under control

10 Powerpoint Templates Page 9 My.ASSET Features  Assets can be grouped into categories and subcategories.  Any number of categories/sub-categories can be created.  Grouping based on some specific criteria/features/specifications. Asset Category Management

11 Powerpoint Templates Page 10  Organization can be divided into many Regions (Companies).  Each Region(Company) can have multiple Sites (Branch).  Each Sites (Branch) can have multiple Departments.  Each Department will have multiple Sub-Department.  Assets can be assigned to a Region/Site/Department /Sub- Department. Organization Management My.ASSET Features

12 Powerpoint Templates Page 11  Purchase Request (PR) generation from various user.  Approval for the PR by an authorized user.  PO generation based on PR.  GRN with reference to PO. General details for normal assets Separate specification can be input for Computer assets (Processor, memory, hard disk etc) Separate specification for Software assets  Generate unique serial number for individual assets  Barcode/RFID tagging Procurement My.ASSET Features

13 Powerpoint Templates Page 12  For Computer Category, Hard disk size, Ram, Processor, IP details etc..,  For Software Asset, License Type, License No & No of License  Other Asset, Serial No. Asset Specification Management My.ASSET Features

14 Powerpoint Templates Page 13  Assets can be transferred to any other region /site /department /location and can assigned to any employee  Asset transfer by scanning Asset Code or by manual selection from existing record  Transfer Approval for Moving Asset to other Sites. o Security Gate pass while sending assets o Returnable & Non returnable gate passes o Tracking of returnable gate passes Asset Transfer Management My.ASSET Features

15 Powerpoint Templates Page 14  Track which items are in Warranty/AMC  Alerts before expiring the warranty/AMC of any Asset  AMC entry when a new AMC contract is made  Comprehensive & non-comprehensive AMC’s  Fixed AMC value as well as based on the % of the asset value Warranty/AMC Management My.ASSET Features

16 Powerpoint Templates Page 15  Track insurance period of assets  Alerts before expiring the Insurance of any Asset  Insurance entry when a new Insurance contract is made for Asset.  Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly & Yearly Premium Duration Insurance Management My.ASSET Features

17 Powerpoint Templates Page 16  Track the claims submitted to the insurance company  Approved/rejected claims  Claimed value/approved value  Time period for claim fulfillment Insurance Claim Management My.ASSET Features

18 Powerpoint Templates Page 17  Registering a Call when an asset become failure in working  Keep Service log for the assets. Service cost tracking.  Track the calls pending for service  Add service details to a pending call once the necessary service is done  Current Status of Call register can be tracked  Create Security Gate pass while sending assets for repair/maintenance Service Management My.ASSET Features

19 Powerpoint Templates Page 18  Service provider may give stand by assets if any complaints cannot be rectified instantly.  Track the stand by assets provided  Return standby assets when the original asset problem is solved Asset Standby Management My.ASSET Features

20 Powerpoint Templates Page 19  Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance  Execution of the scheduled task  Maintenance history sheets helps to get a clear idea about asset’s maintenance details  Proper maintenance will help to avoid the breakdown of assets to some extent  Maintenance cost tracking Maintenance Management My.ASSET Features

21 Powerpoint Templates Page 20  It can be done by Asset Verification with the help of PDT.  Before Asset Verification, Asset Details of Particular Location can be loaded into PDT.  When scanning Asset Code in PDT it will give Specification details of Scanned Asset Asset Specification Tracking My.ASSET Features

22 Powerpoint Templates Page 21  It can be done by PDT.  All the Asset Code Can be Scanned by PDT.  Scanned details will be uploaded into My.Asset Software  We will get report of Asset Status like below Current Location, Mismatch, Missing, Invalid Asset Code etc.., Asset Physical Verification My.ASSET Features

23 Powerpoint Templates Page 22  Asset Value is calculated on every Financial year starting.  Asset Value is calculated based on factors like Inward date, Depreciation Rate(IT Act & Company Act, Depreciation Type(Fixed cost method, Write down Method).  We can get Current Asset Value by IT Act & company Act. Depreciation Management My.ASSET Features

24 Powerpoint Templates Page 23  Secured user login with username and password  Unlimited users  Permissions can be set for individual users to access/restrict certain features of the software User Management My.ASSET Features

25 Powerpoint Templates Page 24  Administrative users  Full access to the software for all branches/ departments/ assets  Restricted users  Only access to the limited branches/ departments/assets permitted by the administrator User Levels My.ASSET Features

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