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Review of ECOSOC 1 to 26 July 2013, Geneva Webinar 30 July 2013 16h00 to 17h00 CET.

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1 Review of ECOSOC 1 to 26 July 2013, Geneva Webinar 30 July 2013 16h00 to 17h00 CET

2 Review of ECOSOC 2013 Substantive Session High-level Segment – 1 to 4 July Coordination Segment – 5 to 9 July Operational Segment – 10 to 12 July Humanitarian Segment – 15 to 17 July General Segment – 18 to 26 July

3 ECOSOC Highlights Innovation theme Post-2015 Development Agenda Changing development and financial strategies Selected issues of interest Implications of a High-Level Political Forum

4 Innovation Theme Comprehensive theme for Annual Ministerial Review Draft Ministerial Declaration – Science, technology, innovation and culture – Technology transfer mechanism/bank – Broadband connectivity WIPO Innovation Index – benchmarking and local hubs

5 Post-2015 Development Agenda Emphasis on a broadened ECOSOC role Linking Post-2015 to ECOSOC reform and Development cooperation reform Focus on universal health coverage – As a core element for post-2015 – Innovations for access – Relationship to MDGs and NCDs

6 Changing Development and Financial Strategies Calling for more efficient and transformative development system – Mobilize domestic resources – International cooperation of different actors – Aligning private incentives with public goals – Reform based on “Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review”

7 Global sustainable development challenges post-2015 Addressing partial convergence of the MDGs and persistence of inequalities

8 Strategies for pursuing sustainable development Implementation process of Agenda 21 and the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Need for inclusive strategies and technology innovation

9 Towards sustainable cities The number of people living in slums might triple by 2050 if no policy framework is established to address this issue Effective urban management is a condition for cities’ sustainability

10 Ensuring food and nutrition security The target of halving the proportion of people suffering from hunger in sub-Saharan Africa will not be met The food, water, energy, environment and climate nexus Reducing food wastage may contribute to the sustainability of the food system

11 The energy transformation challenge Transformation of the energy system needs to be a core element of the sustainable development agenda Sustainable development pathways share common features Energy transformation can be compatible with economic and social inclusion

12 Financing sustainable development Achieving the Millennium Development Goals requires stepping up public spending Sustainable development requires coherence of fiscal policy and public investment allocations Financing the sustainability of cities will require multilevel cooperation City financing may entail the use of a wide variety of instruments Agricultural development will require significant investments Private sector investments will be needed Sustainable development will require significant investment from international private actors

13 Selected Other Issues of Interest Inter-Agency Task Force on the Prevention and Control of NCDs – Convened and led by WHO – Terms of reference and implementation to SG – No reference to non-state actors International Cooperation on Tax Matters – Double taxation, transfer pricing, tax evasion – Annual special meeting of ECOSOC

14 High-Level Political Forum Replaces Commission on Sustainable Development as of September 2013 Economic, social and environmental dimensions – dynamic platform for regular dialogue Annual 8 days at ECOSOC and Every four years at high level UNGA – Concise negotiated political declaration State-led but inclusive of all major groups

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