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Thought For Today <> Fine Art Photos by Igor Zenin Thought For Today <>

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1 Thought For Today <>
Fine Art Photos by Igor Zenin Thought For

2 The Only Weapons I Need In situations of conflict, I have to realise that the only weapons I need are a smile and a loveful attitude.

3 Honesty Honesty is to speak that which is thought and to do that which is spoken. There are no contradictions or discrepancies in thoughts, words or actions.

4 An Angel Acceptance gives me the experience of being like an angel: never judging, never criticising and never worrying.

5 Manners A person of wisdom and spirituality has very beautiful manners that have grown from genuine respect and love for the whole of humanity. Manners in this sense have nothing to do with culture or education: it is simply a question of humility. When we are at the receiving end of such manners, we feel that some deeper part of us has been honoured. In fact, none of us deserves anything less.

6 Get Past Your Past Let the past be the past - both my past and the past of others. There's no need to keep repeating the past in my head. Think: Whatever happened, happened, it's OK for me to move on. Let me be supportive and make it easy, not difficult - for myself and others. When I stay in the present, everything is pleasant.

7 True Greatness The one who can adjust to any situation with humility possesses true greatness.

8 Be Here Now Treasure every moment that you have. And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time. Remember that time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift... That's why it's called the present.

9 Quick to Forgive Rather than being quick to judge, be quick to forgive.

10 Attachment The root of suffering is attachment. You have created a space in your mind that holds a person or object as part of you. When that person or object is criticized, neglected or not with you, you feel pain in your mind and you experience a sense of loss. If you want to be happy, you must learn to love and appreciate while remaining independent.

11 Good Wishes Giving good wishes to others acts like sunlight, filtering into the dark corners of their mind and lightening their burden.

12 Discovering Spirituality Faith in spirituality enables us to trust ourselves.
With trust we can let go of the past and have the courage to dare. To dare with courage gives us the confidence to know that we can achieve what we set out to achieve. If we begin with doubt then we have sown the seed of possible failure. Faith in spirituality always allows us to win. Every step of faith opens another chapter in our lives.

13 Calmness & Silence Calmness increases efficiency. Silence increases effectiveness.

14 Peace of Mind Peace of mind comes not from wanting to change others, but by simply accepting them as they are.

15 Cheerfulness The one who possesses cheerfulness becomes like a magnet of goodwill.

16 Spotting Goodness When I become excessively critical towards others, it means I am going in the wrong direction. We are usually very good at spotting mistakes, but we should develop the quality of also spotting goodness. If I can see what is good in others or in situations and go beyond the curtain of negativity, I feel good about myself. If I constantly think "he is wrong", I instead create a barrier which blocks me from reaching my own goodness.

17 The Secret to Being Content To be peaceful is to be free from expectations and to want nothing from anyone. Take the initiative and be generous. Lead the way and do something. This is the secret to being content in all circumstances.

18 True Peace True peace can be experienced only when we stop giving and taking sorrow. In order not to give sorrow we need a clear heart that has no ill feelings and for not taking sorrow we need a big heart that can tolerate and help other souls to get over their weaknesses.

19 Happiness in the Heart To have questions in your heart means to be distressed and to cause distress for others. Therefore, be one who has happiness in the heart, not questions in the heart.

20 Less Is More Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Hate less, love more and all good things are yours.


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