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Let Use SVN(Subversion) Interaction Lab. Hyo-Geun Ahn 2011. 04. 20.

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1 Let Use SVN(Subversion) Interaction Lab. Hyo-Geun Ahn 2011. 04. 20.

2 What is version control? Version management allows you to control and monitor changes to files – What changes were made? – Revert to previous versions – When were changes made – What code was present in release version Earliest tools were around 1972 (SCCS) Older tools : RCS, CVS, Microsoft Source Safe, PVCS Current tools : Subversion, Mercurial, Git, Bazaar

3 SVN It’s popular version control program Free It’s well supported – IDEs : MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode etc. – Cross Platform : Windows, Linux, Mac OS I will explain SVN by using MS visual studio 2010.

4 SVN Structure Server (Repository) Server (Repository) Client (e.g. MSVS) Client (e.g. MSVS) Client (e.g. Eclipse) Client (e.g. Eclipse) Client (e.g. XCode) Client (e.g. XCode) … My Server Provided Server

5 Repository Storing the source file and saving the changed log Each client can access server to read and write source.

6 VisualSVN Access URL : Host IP or computer name e.g. https://ilab-ahn/svn We can use http protocol or https protocol e.g. http://~~ https://~~~

7 VisualSVN User, Repository Each user can be allocated personal repository

8 VisualSVN Security Local server don’t open and view source files To open and view the source files, use web browser or SVN client

9 Repository structure Project Truck Branches Tags Source Doc Bin Test1 Test2 Revision 1 Revision 2 Revision 3 Source Doc Bin Source Doc Bin General repository structure Truck Main Project Perfect code Branches Test place Tags Version control

10 Client To use the MS visual studio upto 2010, the best svn plugin is ankhsvn After setup, Tools->Option->Source control 1 st. Send project from client to server 2 nd. Receive project from server to client

11 Add solution or project to repository Create new project(solution) Add solution to subversion Add to subversion

12 Add solution – cont. ‘ + ‘ is ready state. Not saved ‘√‘ source file is saved to server Confirm DLL files or resources is not saved automatically. So I need to upload manually. (using Working copy explorer)

13 Open from subversion File -> Subversion -> Open from subversion To open we can select types of 3 Lastest version Date Revision

14 Oepn From Subversion – Cont. Run

15 View project history We can view history each version

16 View project history DeletedChanged Inserted

17 Avoid Conflict Conflict : Multiple users to edit a file To avoid conflict, use Copy -> Modify -> Merge pattern main.c user4 user3 user2 user1

18 Avoid Conflict – cont. Before Modifying, update project lastest version. Make a complete source(well operating) only upload.

19 Summary Currently many people use SVN. CVS(Concurrent Version System) -> SVN(Subversion) It’s essential to work in team project. (maybe) This situation, a project when you work on multiple computers is good.

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