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DPS6 Powershift Transmission

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1 DPS6 Powershift Transmission
Game Changing Technology for Fuel Economy

2 Game Changing Technology
DPS6 The segment exclusive 6-speed DPS6 Transmission and Powershift Technology will provide a competitive advantage through superior mechanical efficiency and performance improvement. FUEL ECONOMY / CO2 PERFORMANCE CONNECTED FEEL PROVIDES TORQUE TO THE WHEELS 100% OF THE TIME 8-10% fuel economy improvement vs. traditional 4 speed automatic

3 DPS6 Transmission Torque range up to 250 Nm 6 gears – total span 5.6
Covers B and C platforms 4 shaft design Dual clutch system – with Dry Clutch (like M/T) Compact ~350 – 380mm long, 183mm ctr. distance Light weight - only 73 kg Electromechanical shift actuation system Electromechanical clutch actuation system MAM – onboard TCM Mechanical park system Electronic range selection. No external fluid connections

4 DPS6 – Key Benefits Improved fuel economy
Very high mechanical efficiency vs hydraulic A/Ts. Eliminates the need for hydraulic controls No torque converter, no oil pump… no parasitic losses. Low viscosity transmission oil 6 speed wide ratio span (5.58) allows the engine to run at optimal operating speed for both city and highway. Powertrain control innovations to maximize efficiency Maintenance Free Fill for life trans oil - No dipstick checking required Dual clutch is designed to last for 10 years / 150k miles Cooler lines are eliminated, no oil leaks

5 Powershift vs 6 speed A/T Efficiency comparison

6 DPS6 Dual Clutch System

7 Transmission Controls Innovations
Ford Controls and Software Development Engineers have developed novel control strategies to maximize customer satisfaction with the Powershift transmission: Neutral Idle – the clutches will disengage when the brakes are applied. This function Increases fuel economy, improves coasting downshifts and improves clutch robustness. Precise Clutch Control – Micro Slip for NVH Improvements Provides torsional damping through clutch slip. Improves NVH at low engine speeds and enables lower lugging limit for improved fuel economy. Torque Hole Filling – Provides smooth torque transfer during up shifts through precise coordination of engine torque delivery during the shift. Tip In/Back Out Logic – All new algorithms developed to provide smooth torque transitions to handle rapid changes of driver pedal input.

8 Transmission Controls Innovations
Slow Speed Driving (Creep) w/ Integrated Brake Pressure – Provides typical creep function that drivers expect out of an automatic transmission (torque as a function of brake pressure). Provides customer comfort and control for low speed/parking lot drivability. Hill Mode – Launch Assist – Integration of the brake control function with the transmission strategy to provide improved drivability on hills. Brakes will hold brake pressure until the engine delivers enough torque to move the car up the hill. This feature prevents vehicle roll back on a grade. This provides improved driving confidence/comfort/safety while also providing clutch robustness. Ford Grade Assist – Implementation of Ford Grade Assist algorithm for improved driveability/control on hilly terrain. Driver selectable function through button on shifter.

9 DPS6 Transmission – key points
- All NEW, segment exclusive DCT technology. Enables Fiesta to achieve outstanding fuel economy. Provides the connected feel of a manual transmission, while also providing smooth gear shifts and the convenience of conventional automatic transmission. Delivers new functionality to the customer through the use of electro-mechanical control systems and Ford developed controls innovations.

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