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Templeton Gap Landfill Jesse Silverstein Executive Director Colorado Brownfields Foundation.

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1 Templeton Gap Landfill Jesse Silverstein Executive Director Colorado Brownfields Foundation

2 Infill Sites, Brownfields Redevelopment & Sustainability Energy Conservation and Energy Harvest opportunities Replacing or upgrading buildings for energy efficiency Redesigning landscape to be environmentally friendly Reusing sites for renewable energy

3 Utility Scale versus Infill Scale “Distributed Generation” –Connection to a distribution network; and –Proximity to the end consumer Net metering versus direct utility purchase Consumer driven development versus utility driven development

4 Site Criteria for Renewable Energy Buildable Land Resource Quality Transmission Infrastructure Permitting / Zoning Market for Energy Land Cost –Highest & Best Use? Limited Liability

5 Templeton Gap Landfill CBF equity project/ CBF project lead Privately Owned El Paso County Enclave 44 Acre Footprint Landfill served the community from 1957 until 1980 Now under Cleanup Order with the State


7 Colorado Springs Land Use Master Plan Regional CenterRegional Center Potential Annexation AreaPotential Annexation Area Surrounded by Buildable ParcelsSurrounded by Buildable Parcels


9 Environmental Stewardship to maintain pollution prevention systems, possibly enhance Minimize future fiscal burden on local, state, and federal agencies to maintain systems Integrate renewable energy into local markets Enhance ability to attract new businesses seeking to locate in sustainable communities Templeton Gap Opportunity

10 Pollution Prevention

11 Reduce Carbon Footprint

12 Locally Generated Energy

13 Existing Load

14 Multiple Market Opportunities

15 Site Specific Direct Job Creation Construction (One Time) Operations & Maintenance (Annual) Solar Photovoltaic Construction and Installation21.6 Related Services15.1 Technicians 0.3 Landfill Gas Extraction Construction and Installation6.0 Technicians 0.5 Wages Construction and Installation$27.50/hour Technicians$25.00/hour Source: NREL JEDI; Colorado Brownfields Foundation

16 Pre-Development Market Analysis Financial Analysis Governmental activities Asset Management Insurance Bookkeeping and accounting Property Management Property Maintenance Equipment Maintenance Related Job Activities Environmental Protection Remediation systems construct Environmental Consulting Governmental oversight Decommissioning Engineering Deconstruction Equipment removal Materials recycling Professions utilized Engineers Environmental Consultants Financial Analysts Real estate management Government Specialists (funding, policy, regulatory)

17 Implementation Plan Development Prospectus Inform market to overcome hurdle of initial market investigation costs Identify renewable energy opportunities Identify development incentives and financing criteria Develop environmental liability management plan Establish entitlements and development requirements Identify community issues and solutions

18 Development Prospectus as RFP Written Investment Prospectus Inform market; overcome initial market investigation costs Identify renewable energy opportunities Identifies energy “loads” Identify development incentives Lays out environmental, entitlement, and utility challenges & solution Recommends stakeholder resolutions Introduces environmental liability management plan

19 Jesse Silverstein Executive Director 303-962-0940 10184 West Belleview Ave., Ste 100 Littleton, Colorado 80127 Colorado Brownfields Foundation

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