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Waste Management Leading Our Industry in Conversion to CNG May 24, 2013.

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1 Waste Management Leading Our Industry in Conversion to CNG May 24, 2013

2 Company Overview Page 2

3 Waste Management Inc. of Florida 18 collection business units, 1,300 routes daily Four single-stream Material Recovery Facilities (new facility planned for Brevard County) Four Waste-to-Energy plants 21 Transfer Stations Six C & D recycling centers One landfill gas-to-energy facility 3,500 employees Page 3

4 Waste Management’s CNG Fleet 2,000 CNG and LNG vehicles – the largest fleet in North American waste industry Next five years, 80% of truck purchases will be natural gas vehicles WM is embracing clean fuel technology and sustainability goals of reducing emissions and fuel efficiency by 15 percent by 2020 and has already met that goal Page 4

5 WM’s CNG Fleet in Florida 250 CNG trucks in Florida Broward County Sarasota County Fort Walton Beach Coming to Tampa and Palm Beach County by end of 2013 Trucks cost $275,000 to $395,000 each Page 5

6 Waste Management’s CNG Fleet Natural gas reduces diesel use by an average of 8,000 gallons per year Cuts annual greenhouse gas emissions by 21% or 22 metric tons Reduces 80% of carbon monoxide, 25% carbon dioxide emissions and 30% nitrogen oxides Page 6

7 WM’s Clean N’ Green Fueling Stations 40 Clean N’ Green stations open nationwide 15 serve public or third party customers Three stations open in Florida: Pompano Beach, Venice and Fort Walton Beach Two planned to open in 2013 in Tampa and Palm Beach County (Boynton Beach) Page 7

8 WM’s CNG Investment Waste Management has made a total investment of $75 million in CNG vehicles and fueling stations in the State of Florida in the past three years. Page 8

9 In 2011, Clean Vehicle Education Foundation honored WM with its Natural Gas Vehicle Achievement Award Page 9 Energy Vision honored WM for its “strategic vision and leadership” for its CNG/LNG programs

10 Wheelabrator Technologies Leader in converting household solid waste into electricity 17 plants across the US Produces enough energy to power 650,000 homes, offsetting the need for 7 million barrels of oil Fifth level 18pt Trebuchet Page 10©2011 Waste Management

11 Landfill-Gas-To-Energy WM’s landfill gas-to-energy plants generate enough energy to power nearly 500,000 homes 131 facilities nationwide Together WTE and LFGTE power 1.1 million homes In fact, WM alone produces more electricity from waste today than the entire Solar Industry nationwide Page 11

12 Landfill-Gas-To-Liquids WM formed a joint venture with Linde North America to build the world’s largest plant to convert landfill gas to ultra low- carbon liquefied natural gas Carbon emissions 97% lower than diesel Facility produces 13,000 gallons of LNG a day and helps power our fleet of 900 natural gas trucks in California Fifth level 18pt Trebuchet Page 12

13 Agilyx Agilyx converts low value, hard to recycle and contaminated plastics into a high value, synthetic crude oil. Anaerobic thermal reclamation process that provides an economical and environmentally responsible solution to process mixed plastic resins from industrial and residential waste streams Complements Waste Management’s other recycling and thermal chemical conversion technology platforms Page 13©20XX Waste ManagementMonth XX, 20XX

14 Organics Recycling WM currently manages over 2 million tons of organics to beneficial uses including composting, mulch operations WM currently operates 34 organic facilities, including Okeechobee Organics Recycling Facility and Vista Organics Recycling Facility in Apopka Pre-consumer bakery, produce and floral from Publix and Whole Foods stores, Hospitals and Hotels with yard waste (FPL/right of way)

15 Our Commitment to our Neighbors 103 facilities certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council, met our goal 10 years ahead of schedule. Sustainability Solutions team. Waste audits and consulting services to businesses nationwide. We have set aside 26,000 acres for wildlife habitat Page 15©2011 Waste Management

16 Waste Management’s CNG fleet and stations in Florida WM CNG fleet and sustainability programs in North Ameirca Think Green educational site at For more information: Page 16

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