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Procedures Getting Down to Business. Agenda Daily Procedures Learn the ROPES Charadionary.

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1 Procedures Getting Down to Business

2 Agenda Daily Procedures Learn the ROPES Charadionary

3 Be On Time! You are expected to be on time to class. If you are tardy, without a written excuse (from either your previous teacher or the office) you will owe me 5-for- 1 time for every minute you are late, as well as one point off of your Daily Grade. If you receive 5-for-1 your name will go on the board to remind us how much you owe and when you are coming. YOU MUST PAY YOUR TIME BEFORE CLASS STARTS THE NEXT DAY OR YOUR TIME WILL BE DOUBLED!

4 Gather Your Supplies When you first walk into class you need to walk to the back and get your binder, sit down, and begin the warm up which will be on the board. Every person needs to be in their seat working on their warm up by the time class starts. If the class is not seated and working quietly in a timely manner the entire class will pack up their belongings, walk out of the class, and try again.

5 Warm Up The warm up will be on the smart board when you come into class. It will be completed on your iPad using Google Forms. If you do not have your iPad that day you will be expected to write the warm up on your own sheet of paper, and turn it in to Ms. Koliha. As you are doing the warm up have your homework out on your desk. I will come around and check that you completed it.

6 Getting Credit for HW During warm up I will walk around and give you credit for having your homework done on time. If less than half of the problems were attempted, you will receive an 8 out of 10. There will be three empty circles on the board. Once you have finished the warm up you may go up and write the number of a problem you did not understand in one of the circles. Once the circles are full no one else may write a problem up there.

7 Grading Homework You must complete your homework in pencil or erasable pen. We will grade the homework together. Using a colored pen, you will mark the problems you got wrong. Three different people will come up and complete the problems in the circles on the board. We will discuss any questions or go over additional examples at this point, then you may turn it into the basket.

8 During the Lesson Open your binder to the “Work” section. This is where you will take notes and write examples from the lesson. Your notes will be posted on the website. You will download the notes to your iPad using GoodReader as your tool to highlight, underline, and write remarks on the notes. Begin working on the homework for that night when you feel comfortable. Wait until the lesson is over to begin talking to the people near you.

9 Vocabulary You will have the option to have a ring of index cards, or simply a section in your notebook to keep track of vocabulary. We will have a few new words every week. On quizzes and tests you will be asked to define or give examples of select terms, so your vocabulary should be kept organized and on-hand.

10 Binder Check On Friday instead of doing a Warm Up you will be getting your binder checked. So you will still need to walk in and get your binder, although on the board you will see three things listed that I will want to see from your binder. Look through your binder and find these three things. DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT. Simply, mark them with your fingers or a pen until I come to your desk.

11 Quiz Fridays Every Friday you will take a short quiz on the content we went over that week. During your binder check you can study for the quiz and make sure you have your notes and a pencil. Quizzes will be no more than ten questions. When you are finished, you can put it in the turn-in basket and do catch up work, Khan Academy, or meet with me about questions from the week.

12 Review Be on time, or receive 5-for-1. Walk in and get your binder, begin warm up with HW out on your desk. Re-try if necessary. Check HW in a colored pen, then turn it in. Go over problems on the board. Take notes while I go over the mini-lesson, and keep track of vocabulary. Then, work in small groups on HW. Fridays: Binder checks instead of warm up, and a quiz.

13 Learn the ROPES of the Team 1. Respect 2. Organization 3. Promptness 4. Energy 5. Support

14 Charadionary Using the different procedures we just went over we will be playing Charadionary. You will be split into 2-3 teams. One person from your team will come up and pick a procedure. They will then have 3 minutes to either draw or demonstrate their procedure (without using words) while their teammates attempt to guess which one it is.

15 To Do or Not To Do? With the procedure you choose you can either show the correct way to do it, or show the opposite of how it should be done. BUT if you show the opposite way it should be done, be prepared to demonstrate the correct way after your team has guessed!

16 Homework Bring your iPad tomorrow if you have one. If you do not have one yet you will need to partner up with someone tomorrow who does.

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