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Governor Kasich's Budget Proposal HB 64. Total Spending.

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1 Governor Kasich's Budget Proposal HB 64

2 Total Spending

3 State GRF Spending

4 Last Budget vs. Proposed Budget Appropriations Last BudgetProposed Budget Total GRF Appropriations*61,961,787,64872,289,530,370 Federal GFR Appropriations related to Expansion money 08,876,993,435 Increasen/a1,450,749,287 Percentage Increasen/a2.34% * These are the appropriations enacted by HB 59, not actual or revised estimates of numbers.

5 Spending Growth

6 Major Growth Areas FY’15 Estimate FY’16Increase % Increase FY’17Increase % Increase Total State Only GRF 21,819,675,73922,731,014,265911,338,5264.18%23,635,718,166904,703,9013.98% Department of Education* 7,255,955,2957,697,170,506441,215,2115.73%8,041,580,485344,409,9794.47% Department of Medicaid State 5,192,911,8295,401,120,281208,208,4524.01%5,706,462,818305,342,5375.65% Department of Corrections 1,539,011,3221,591,188,40252,177,0803.39%1,640,972,42249,784,0203.13% Board of Regents 2,379,887,8122,428,257,21948,369,4072.03%2,487,889,27159,632,0522.46% Department of Developmental Disabilities 533,803,413582,655,47848,852,0659.15%639,088,50856,433,0309.69% Tax Relief1,812,200,0001,846,500,00034,300,0001.89%1,877,100,00030,600,0001.66% Department of Jobs & Family Services 793,782,672818,236,32824,453,6563.08%821,160,6872,924,3590.36% Department of Public Safety 10,500,00018,624,3008,124,30077.37%18,624,3000n/a * Minus 200-903 as it is no longer part of the ODE budget this is included in tax relief

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