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Nevada Medicaid EHR Incentive Program for Eligible Hospitals Rural Hospitals Critical Access Hospitals.

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1 Nevada Medicaid EHR Incentive Program for Eligible Hospitals Rural Hospitals Critical Access Hospitals

2 Information & Handouts Accessing Handouts and Supporting Documents Asking Questions & Getting Answers

3 Agenda What Incentives are Available Calculating Incentive Payments When Incentives are Available Qualifying for Incentives Brief Q&A

4 What Incentives Are Available Medicare AND Medicaid Incentives Available to Eligible Hospitals Eligible Hospitals may participate in only BOTH of the two programs Medicaid incentive payments may begin as late as FY2016 Education/Medicare-Learning-Network- MLN/MLNProducts/downloads/Medicaid_Hosp_Ince ntive_Payments_Tip_Sheets.pdf

5 Hospital Incentive Calculation The Overall EHR Amount is determined by the formula: The Medicaid Share is determined by the formula:

6 When are Incentives Available Nevada Medicaid EHR Incentive Program is currently scheduled to launch early August Expect Year 1 payment 4-6 weeks after attestation for Adoption Implementation or Upgrade Medicaid Incentive Payments will be made up to 2021

7 What is needed to Qualify for Incentives Have at least 10% of patient volume attributable to Medicaid Have a CCN that has the last four digits in the series 0001 – 0879 or 1300 – 1399 Have an average length of patient stay of 25 days or fewer. Adopt, Implement or Upgrade to a Certified EHR Solution

8 Adopt, Implement & Upgrade Simple Definition: Sign an agreement to implement a Certified EHR (if not on an EHR) or upgrade to the Certified EHR Version (if already on an EHR) Verify your EHR is certified by visiting: Clinical Compliance is not required in Year 1

9 Patient Volume 10% Medicaid patient volume over 90-day period in the most recent prior fiscal year Patient volume can be aggregated from multiple locations or states Medicaid Patient volume = (Total Medicaid Patient encounters / total patient encounters) x 100

10 A, I, U Requirements EPs and EHs will need to be prepared to provide information and documentation about their EHR adoption efforts at the time of attestation including: –EHR Certification Number which can be found at –Medicaid Patient Volume Information including Numerator and Denominator –Signed letter on practice letterhead stating Adopt, Implement or Upgrade methodology being used and how efforts support this methodology –Copy of Purchase Order, Contract, Service Agreement, etc. to prove the purchase or acquisition of a Certified EHR.

11 Register for Incentive Programs Users must have an Identity and Access Management system (I&A) web user account Register using the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Site to indicate your intent to participate in Nevada Medicaid EHR Incentive Program ction

12 Contact Information HealthInsightState of Nevada Medicaid Erick Maddox Eileen Colen Catelyn Nguyen 1-800-483-0932 Nevada Medicaid Provider Support 1-775-684-3700 1-775-684-3701

13 Webinar Schedule Past Sessions July 11th– General information including requirements for qualification and computing Patient volume & registering with PECOS (access the recording at Upcoming Sessions July 18th at 11am – Hospital Medicaid Information July 18th at 1pm – Frequently Asked Questions July 25th at 12 pm – Registration/Attestation Process August 1st at 1pm – Repeat of Registration/Attestation Process

14 Links & Resources HealthInsight: Incentive Registration: CMS Medicaid FAQ: Nevada Medicaid FAQ:'s.pdf EHR Certification Information: Hospital Attestation User Guide: Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/downloads/HospAttestationUser Guide.pdf CMS Medicaid Hospital Incentive Calculation Tip Sheet: MLN/MLNProducts/downloads/Medicaid_Hosp_Incentive_Payments_Tip_Sh eets.pdf

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