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International Students WORKING IN THE UNITED STATES.

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1 International Students WORKING IN THE UNITED STATES

2 Types of Employment On Campus Employment – F-1 and J-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) – F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) – F-1 Academic Training – J-1 Paid vs. Unpaid

3 F-1 Working On Campus No permission needed up to 20 hours per week during regular fall and spring semesters more than 20 hours per week during regular school breaks (including summer semester)

4 J-1 Working On Campus Written permission needed from RO/ARO up to 20 hours per week during regular fall and spring semesters more than 20 hours per week during regular school breaks (including summer semester)

5 F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT): CGU Must be an integral part of the student’s curriculum: YOU MUST EARN UNITS (or be on doctoral studies/continuous registration) If not required for degree, eligible only after one full academic year of study (9 months) Department gives initial approval, final permission is granted by DSO/International Student Advisor/Coordinator Job offer required before approval can be granted Approved for a specific employer(s), for a specific time period Can be given for up to one semester at a time (one year if on doctoral studies) Can be Part Time (20 hours/week or less) or Full Time (more than 20 hours/week) Full Time CPT cannot be granted while you are completing course work Only available while on doctoral studies or during summer semester or school breaks 12 months of full time CPT makes you ineligible for OPT

6 F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) Generally done after completion of academic program, but may be done before completion Employment must be related to field of study Maximum of 12 months per academic level Must be recommended by DSO/International Student Advisor/Coordinator Requires an application and fee ($340.00) with USCIS Final approval granted by USCIS (EAD), generally takes 90 days to be approved – APPLY EARLY No job offer required for approval Application must be received by USCIS prior to the end of your 60-Day Grace Period (though we recommend that you file no later than 1 month before you complete your degree requirements)

7 F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) cont. Other important OPT notes: You can use OPT anywhere in the US You may switch employers You must report any and all changes in Employment You are eligible for OPT after each higher degree earned You can use your OPT while waiting for a change of status to H-1B

8 F-1 OPT: 90 Day Unemployment Provision You may not be unemployed during your OPT for a total aggregate of 90 days (including breaks between employment longer than 10 days) “Volunteer” work or unpaid internships count as employment for your initial OPT Multiple jobs can be used to complete the full-time (20 hr) requirement Make sure you report ALL employment to your international student coordinator

9 F-1 OPT: Reporting Employment Employment Information to Report Employer’s Name (Business name) Address (if multiple, report the location where you will be working) Start Date End Date (if applicable) Position Title It is helpful if you include a quick statement as to how the job fulfills OPT requirements) Hours per week Remember you can have multiple jobs to make up the minimum 20 hours a week –Note Primary Employer

10 F-1 OPT: Reporting Other Changes Other Information to Report Change in Address Change in Email Address Change in Telephone Number Leaving the US Remember to obtain travel signatures if temporary travel Change of Status (i.e. to H1)

11 F-1 OPT – STEM Extension Some degrees in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics qualify for the 17-month STEM Extension Granted AFTER your initial OPT Year New OPT Application Another application fee plus processing time –Apply roughly 3 months prior to your current OPT expiring

12 F-1 OPT – STEM Extension Qualifications for STEM Extension STEM approvable degree (please see your International Student Coordinator) Traditional full-time paid employment No volunteer or unpaid internships Employer must be registered with US Government’s E-Verify System

13 F-1 OPT: H1-B Cap-Gap Provision If you apply and are approved for an H1-B but your H1 status will not take affect until after your OPT expires, you are eligible for the automatic H1-B Cap-Gap Provision. You must contact your International Student Advisor prior to the expiration of your current OPT to obtain the extension (provide proof of H1 approval) STEM students: You do not need to file for a STEM Extension in this case

14 J-1 Academic Training: CGU Can be paid or unpaid Can be done during or after studies Needs approval from academic advisor and RO/ARO Length of time depends on whether student is non-degree or degree-seeking (Master’s or Doctorate)

15 Next Steps Always check with your International Student Advisor/Coordinator before accepting any offer of employment if you are unsure if it is suitable Remember to report all changes in employment, address, and email address/phone number It is very important that we can contact you while on OPT I-Place is also available for questions at any time ( or 909-621-8344)

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