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Today we will learn: Daily TEKS Objectives April 4, 2014.

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1 Today we will learn: Daily TEKS Objectives April 4, 2014

2 3.1A The student will describe how individuals, events and ideas have changed communities, past and present.

3 3.1C The student will describe how individuals have contributed to the expansion of existing communities or to the creation of new communities.

4 3.11B The student will identify historical figures, military, and first responders who exemplify good citizenship.

5 3.14A The student will identify and compare the heroic deeds of state and national heroes.

6 3.15A The student will identify various individual writers and artists and their stories, poems, statues, and paintings and other examples of cultural heritage from various communities.

7 3.16A The student will identify scientists and inventors who have discovered scientific breakthroughs or created or invented new technology.

8 3.16B The student will identify the impact of scientific breakthroughs and new technology in computers, pasteurization, and medical vaccines on various communities.

9 3.17A The student will research information, including historical and current events, and geographic data, about the community and world, using a variety of valid print, oral, visual, and Internet resources.

10 3.17B The student will sequence and categorize information.

11 3.17D The student will use various parts of a source, including table of contents, glossary, and index as well as keyword Internet searches, to locate information.

12 3.18A The student will express ideas orally based on knowledge and experiences.

13 3.18B The student will use technology to create written and visual material such as stories, poems, pictures, maps, and graphic organizers to express ideas.

14 3.4E The student will alphabetize a series of words to the third letter and use a dictionary or a glossary to determine the meanings, syllabication, and pronunciation of unknown words.

15 3.17A The student will plan a first draft by selecting a genre appropriate for conveying the intended meaning to an audience and generating ideas through a range of strategies.

16 3.17B The student will develop drafts by categorizing ideas and organizing them into paragraphs.

17 3.17C The student will revise drafts for coherence, organization, use of simple and compound sentences, and audience.

18 3.17D The student will edit drafts for grammar, mechanics, and spelling using a teacher-developed rubric.

19 3.19A The student will write about important personal experiences.

20 3.20A The student will create brief compositions that (i) establish a central idea in a topic sentence, (ii) include supporting sentences with simple facts, details, and explanations, (iii) contain a concluding statement.

21 3.20C The student will write responses to literary or expository texts that demonstrate an understanding of the text.

22 3.23A The student will write legibly in cursive script with spacing between words in a sentence.

23 3.24C The student will spell high-frequency and compound words from a commonly used list.

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