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 Web 2.0 Learning  Digital Citizenship

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2  Web 2.0 Learning  Digital Citizenship

3  Networking with other technology teachers  Meet new individuals  Find out what is new and works  Administrative use  Instructional Videos  Different Forums  Have to register  No approval process


5 21 st Century Learning is about change but the Education domain has been the last to integrate technology in the everyday work day. With the help of Web 2.0 tools, teachers have access for a world of information and free use of great tools for any curricular area. (Pilter, 2007). Examples: Wikispaces - writing stories, checking math problems, collaboration on projects Google -besides “googling” it- Docs for word processing, PowerPoint, Excel, earth images with creation of.kmz files and group chat Blogging- writer’s journal or logging daily activities Podcasting - using Garage band to finish a writing prompt Digital Storytelling- taking videos, photos, music and voice with the combination of writing to tell a story that could be posted online

6 Challenges with Web 2.0 Skills:  Educators understanding of use  Giving the students the reins  Adapting lessons to new technology  Slow process, but the idea is getting out  Not all computers have access to internet  Training for multiple sessions, not just one  Commitment to learn new ideas on administrators and teachers  Seeing the need of Web 2.0 use The Cool Web Tools site- created for training sessions for the use of Wikispaces  5 sessions long over 3 months time  revisit and re-teach  Ask questions about a previous session.  Interactive throughout the 3 months Become a member!!!

7  Networking with any teachers  Meet new individuals  Updated Social Networking information  Administrative/Teacher use  Can have Membership  Blogs are questionable for educational value  Very little videos or pictures  No approval process

8 Digital Citizenship 1. TLW understand human, cultural and societal issues related to technology with practice of legal and ethical behavior.  Practice safe, legal and responsible use, demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning and exhibit leadership for digital citizenship. Technology Operations and Concepts 1. TLW demonstrate sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.  Understand and use technology systems, select and use applications effectively, troubleshoot systems and applications and transfer current knowledge with new technologies. (Solomon & Schrum, 2007).

9  Student Protection  YouTube - Digital Citizenship - Who Will You Be? YouTube - Digital Citizenship - Who Will You Be?  Were you able to answer any of the questions from the video?  How important are these questions to the net generation?  Teaching them to be careful and lifelong learners is every educators responsibility- Are you doing this? Every Teacher needs to understand what students are faced with. Training teachers in what students are exposed to with all technology not just the use of the internet. Reporting and the law changes are an important aspect of for both teacher and student.

10 The Digital Citizenship page has specific information for all educators on the protection and education of the use of technology today. The site has ready links that can be used during training and updates that could be passed down using the main page of this site. The link Teaching Digital Citizenship is helpful lessons that are basic but meaningful for all grade levels. Teachers need and want these items planned out for them. They would be learning as they were teaching these ideas. I am and will use many of the contents from this site to update my Internet Safety Program that I put in place 2 years ago in my district. The technologies are changing rapidly so keeping the teachers informed is priority.


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