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Characteristics of Civilization: The Hebrews and Phoenicians

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1 Characteristics of Civilization: The Hebrews and Phoenicians
Mr. Pagliaro Seymour High School

2 Key Vocabulary Terms monotheism covenant murex Names Palestine Canaan
Abraham Torah Moses Phoenicians

3 Section Objectives Summarize the history and beliefs of the Hebrews
Explain the historical and cultural significance of Exodus Identify and evaluate the contributions of the Phoenicians

4 The Ancient Hebrews Location-South Western Fertile Crescent
Canaan (later Israel) Significance-Worlds 1st Monotheistic Religion: Judaism Belief in Yahweh (Hebrew name for God) Believed to be “God’s Chosen People” Founder: Abram (later Abraham)

5 Abraham-Patriarch of Monotheism
Hebrew Social Structure: The 12 Tribes of Israel HAGAR ABRAHAM SARAH Ishmael Isaac 12 Arabian Tribes Jacob Esau Islam 12 Tribes of Israel Judaism & Christianity

6 Abraham’s Journey from Ur Canaan  The “Promised Land”

7 Abraham’s Journeys

8 Check up Where did Abraham and his family originally come from? Where did they go?

9 The Torah The first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible. The Torah
The most sacred text in the Jewish religious tradition. God’s covenant The Torah

10 FamineMigration to Goshen, Egypt

11 “Shepherd of His People”
Moses “Prince of Egypt” “Shepherd of His People”

12 The Exodus-Hebrews out of Egypt
c. 1400s or 1300s BC

13 Route of the Exodus

14 Moses and the 10 Commandments A new “covenant” with Yahweh

15 Hebrew Kings c. 1030-930 BC (the Golden Age)
Saul David Solomon

16 King David’s Empire

17 Solomon’s Kingdom

18 King Solomon’s Temple Floor Plan
The First Temple

19 Inside the Temple Tabernacle
(The Holy of Holies) The Ark of the Covenant

20 The Temple MountToday Solomon’s Temple Wall: The “Wailing” Wall

21 Kingdoms of Judah & Israel

22 Babylonian Captivity

23 Check up What was the Babylonian captivity?
What were some of the main problems facing the Hebrews between 2000 BC and 700 BC?

24 The Phoenicians Achievement #1:Extraordinary shipbuilders and sailors
Government:City-States Sidon and Tyre made red-purple dye (60,000 snails made one 1 lb. brick) Byblos traded papyrus. Greatest colony was Carthage (Tyre)

25 Trade Round-hulled ships Goods: Murex (purple dye) Glass Lebanon cedar

26 Phoenician Trade Routes

27 The Phoenician Alphabet

28 Check up What is Phoenician’s greatest legacy, extensive trade and cultural diffusion or the 1st alphabet?

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