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Rinc ó n del Maestro 2006 The Family.

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1 Rinc ó n del Maestro 2006 The Family

2 Hi! I’m Bart and I’m going to speak about my family

3 This is my FATHER: His name is Homer

4 This is my MOTHER: Her name is Marge

5 This is my SISTER: Her name is Lisa

6 This is my baby SISTER: Her name is Maggie

7 This is my GRANDFATHER: His name is Grampa

8 I have got two aunts: My aunt Selma and my aunt Patty They are twin sisters

9 …we have got three animals … a dog. Its name is Santa’s Little Helper …a cat called Snowball I …and other cat called Snowball II

10 Other famous families

11 David, are you married? Yes, I am, and my wife is Victoria I am Victoria, his wife. My husband is David. We have got two sons. Beckham’s family

12 Ozzy, how many are in your family? In my family are five. I have got a daughter called Kelly Osbourne’s family

13 And you, Charles Are you married? No, I am widow, but I have got a girlfriend… Her name is Camilla The British family

14 And you, Are you a single daughter? No, I have got a twin sister Olsen’s family

15 Now, you… Describe a famous. For example: she is a famous Australian singer sister’s… Who is she? DANNI MINOGUE!

16 Who is it? Is… Brother / sister Son / daughter Husband / wife Boyfriend / girlfriend Ex—boyfriend / ex—girlfriend (…) an actor / actriss from “Titanic” a sportman or sportwoman a film director a politician a singer… a Walt Disney character (…)

17 Bye! See you “baby”!

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