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Nannie Doss “The Giggling Granny” “The Jolly Black Widow”

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1 Nannie Doss “The Giggling Granny” “The Jolly Black Widow”
Jacob Carter

2 Serial Killer A serial killer is one who murders or is involved with the murders of multiple people at multiple times, they usually have no remorse for their victims and they usually have a certain signature.

3 Early Life Born November 4, 1905 as Nancy Hazle
Poor student because of father Childhood accident Father’s restrictions

4 First Marriage Married Charlie Braggs at age 16 They had 4 kids
Unhealthy relationship He eventually left her because he feared her

5 Grandchildren Doss’s oldest daughter gave birth to a child and the child immediately died Doctors could not come up with a reason for the babies death

6 Second Marriage Met Robert (Frank) Harrelson through a magazine column
Married him 2 years after her previous husband Alcoholic and criminal records 16 years of marriage She killed him with rat poison after he raped her

7 Third Marriage Met Arlie Manning through another magazine
Married within three days of meeting him He was an alcoholic and loved his women Died of a supposed heart attack Their house “coincidently” burned down Insurance money went to Doss Doss soon left North Carolina but only after Mannings mom supposedly died in her sleep Moved to her sisters (Dovie) home and she soon passed away

8 Fourth Marriage Joined a club in Kansas looking for another Man
Met and married Richard L. Morton He was a womanizer She ended up poisoning her mother when she came to live with them Morton died three months later

9 Fifth Marriage Met Samuel Doss and Married him in Oklahoma
He didn’t like that she had previously adored in many husbands Doss killed him Samuel Doss’s doctor was surprised by the sudden death, ordered and autopsy, revealed large amounts of Arsenic in his system Doss was immediately arrested

10 Number of killings/Evidence/confession
Doss confesses to killing four of her five husbands, her Mother (Louisa), her sister (Dovie), her Grandson, and her Mother-in-Law (Arlie Lanning’s Mother) Oklahoma centered its case only on Samuel Doss’s death (5th Husband) Nannie Doss pleaded guilty on May 17, 1955 Sentenced for life

11 Why Doss admitted that she killed her husbands because they didn’t “measure up” She said she was searching for the perfect man, she was never satisfied

12 How Most of Doss killed people by poisoning them
She used rat poison which is also known as Arsenic Poison

13 Doss recounts her crimes
When doss was recounting her crimes, she became amused and could not stop laughing The newspapers gave her the nicknames the “The Giggling Granny” and “The jolly Black Widow”

14 Death Doss Died in the hospital of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in 1965 due to Lukimia

15 Bibliography

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