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The Future of Regulation and Inspection Robert Peat Director of Inspection.

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1 The Future of Regulation and Inspection Robert Peat Director of Inspection

2 Who we are We are Scotland’s independent scrutiny and improvement body responsible for: –regulation and inspection of care and support services (including criminal justice services) –scrutiny of social work services –joint inspections, with partners, of services for adults and children.

3 Who we are We regulate and inspect care services for people of all ages We help services improve the quality of care We were established under the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 We operate independently from the Scottish Government but are accountable to it and publicly funded.

4 Aberdeen office Dundee office and headquarters Musselburgh office Hamilton office Paisley office … and 11 local offices throughout Scotland. Where we are

5 Annette Bruton: Chief Executive Karen Anderson: Depute Chief Executive / Director of Strategic Development Gordon Weir: Director of Corporate Resources Robert Peat: Director of Inspection Senior staff

6 The Care Inspectorate believes that people in Scotland should experience a better quality of life as a result of accessible, excellent services that are designed and delivered to reflect their individual needs and promote their rights. Vision

7 We inspect and grade around 15,000 regulated care services used by people of all ages We provide scrutiny of social work services in Scotland’s 32 local authorities With partner bodies, we carry out joint inspections of children’s and adult services on a strategic basis What we do

8 New senior management team and structure Inspectors moved from working in generic teams to working in teams of specialist knowledge Inspection teams aligned to early years, children’s services, older people’s services, criminal justice, fostering & adoption and other specialist areas This will enhance our work in improvement from April 2013

9 Provide assurance and protection for people who use services, their families and carers and the wider public Play a key part in improving services for adults and children across Scotland Act as a catalyst for change and innovation Promote good practice It’s our job to…

10 Person-Centred: we will put people at the heart of everything we do Fairness: we will act fairly, be transparent and treat people equally Respect: we will be respectful in all that we do Integrity: we will be impartial and act to improve care for the people of Scotland Efficiency: we will provide the best possible quality and public value from our work Our values

11 The Corporate Plan sets three outcomes - key ways of knowing if the Care Inspectorate is successful: The quality of services in Scotland is improving People understand the quality of service they should expect and have a good experience of services centred on their needs, rights and risks The Care Inspectorate performs effectively and efficiently as an independent, scrutiny and improvement body and works well in partnership with other bodies Corporate Plan

12 Current work Some current strategic work includes: revising all regulated care methodology to make it outcome focused developing new ways of reporting publicly on our findings building real-time ways of receiving information about the quality of care reviewing information we collect and how we use it, in partnership with others

13 Horizon issues Some major external developments affecting the work of the Care Inspectorate include: Review of National Care Standards Legislation to integrate health & social care Activation of Self Directed Support Children and Young People’s Bill

14 31 – Mar 201330- Sep- 2013 Total No. of Services Graded <=3 % of Services Graded <=3 Total No. of Services Graded <=3 % of Services Graded <=3 % Trend since March 2013 Health Board 10.2%40.6% Local Authority 639.9%7511.2% Private48276.0%50175.0% Voluntary or Not for Profit 8813.9%8813.2% Total634100%688100%

15 Grading Summary of grades at 30 October 2013 Theme 1: Quality of Care and Support Care Home Services Other Care Services All Service Types Grade 6 – Excellent5.2%9.2%8.8% Grade 5 – Very Good38.1%56.4%54.4% Grade 4 – Good35.0%28.7%29.4% Grade 3 – Adequate15.7%4.8%6.0% Grade 2 – Weak5.2%0.9%1.3% Grade 1 - Unsatisfactory0.8%0.1%0.2%

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