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SPORTS Ici l’ecole, nous avons beaucoups de sports.

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2 SPORTS Ici l’ecole, nous avons beaucoups de sports.

3 Fall Sports Nous avons l’automne sports tels Cheerleading (Pour Football) Cross-Country (Men and Women) Field Hockey Football Soccer (Men and Women) Swimming (Women) Tennis (Women) et Volleyball (Men and Women)

4 Winter Sport Nous avons l’hiver sports tels Alpine Skiing (Men and Women) Basketball (Men and Women) Bowling (Men and Women) Cheerleading (Pour Basketball) Ice Hockey Nordic Skiing (Men and Women) Swimming (Men) et Wrestling

5 Spring Sports Nous avons printemps Baseball Field Hockey Golf Lacrosse (Men and Women) Softball Tennis (Men) et Track and Field (Men and Women)

6 Un sport nous sommes bons à est lacrosse. Nous avons gagné beacoup de titre de champion.

7 Lacrosse Lacrosse is a game that is played on a field a little bit smaller than a soccer field. You play it with a long/short stick depending on your position with a net at the end. You play with a hard rubber ball that the object is to score goals. At all times there are 10 players on the field unless there is a penalty which cause you to lose one player for a short period of time. 3 of those players are allowed to go all over the field while 3 stay on the offensive half and the 4 remaining players including the goalie must remain on the other half. You wear arm pads, gloves, shoulder pads, and a helmet. The offensive players use shorter sticks with a small net (called head) on the end. The defensive players use a long stick with a small head on the end. And the goalie uses a medium stick with a large head on it.

8 LINKS These are links to our school athletics webpage and the league in which we compete Our website: West Irondequoit Athletics Home League: Section V Athletics - High School Athletic Information for Schools in the Western New York Area


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