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1 School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12.  A rewarding, challenging profession.  A chance to work with and positively influence kids.  A chance to contribute.

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1 1 School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

2  A rewarding, challenging profession.  A chance to work with and positively influence kids.  A chance to contribute to the community.  An opportunity to work with a team of dedicated, professional staff members.  Same holidays and breaks as school children.  In the beginning, it is part time, substitute work. 2 School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

3  Must enjoy working with children.  At least 21 years of age.  3 yrs driving experience or 1 yr CDL  Submit To criminal background check.  No disqualifying factors per WAC 392-144- 103-(Hand out copy of WAC).  Must meet physical requirements.  Pass pre-employment drug testing. 3School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

4  Liability can also be termed responsibility.  Our training program is designed to give you guidelines and procedures that, when followed responsibly, will all but eliminate the fear of liability. 4School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

5  An Original & Complete School Bus Driver’s Abstract of driving record from DOL (current within 60 days).  Valid driver’s license with: o A CDL with a Class A, B, or C and Endorsements (depending on vehicle to be driven). o Passenger Endorsement. o School Bus Endorsement. o Air Brake Restriction Removed. 5School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

6  Department of Transportation Physical Examination.  Drug and Alcohol Screening (Federal Requirement). 1. Pre-employment (before driving on the road. 2. Random. 3. Post-Accident:  Loss of Human life.  Citation AND Injury requiring treatment away from the scene.  One or more vehicles requiring towing as a result of the accident. 4. Reasonable Suspicion. 6School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

7  Valid, Current First Aid Card.  Fingerprint, WSP and FBI Criminal Background Check.  Required Classroom Work and Behind- the-Wheel Training.  Complete and sign annual disclosure form. 7School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

8  Classroom Training (provided by district) o Driver Requirements o Passenger Requirements o Defensive Driving o Equipment Requirements o Behind the Wheel Topics  Behind-the-wheel training is provided by an assigned instructor.  NOTE: all training is unpaid 8School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

9  Four written tests at DOL: o General Knowledge. o Passenger Management. o Knowledge of Air Brakes: o School Bus Specific Knowledge.  Driving skills tests: o Comprehensive Pre-Trip Inspection. o Behind-the-Wheel Examination.  All Drivers will have to take the Skills Test in a school bus in order to obtain the “S” endorsement. 9School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

10 1. CDL Permit$10 2. CDL Written Tests$10 3. Driving Record (DOL)$10 4. CDL Endorsement$30 5. License Issuance Fee$10 6. First Aid Training$0 - $35 7. D.O.T. Physical$75 - $250 8. Driving Skills Test*$75 9. Final Cost$220 - $420  Skills Test paid by cashier’s check or money order. 10School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

11  DOT Physical $125  Driving Abstract $ 10  Drug Screening/Processing $ 81  CDL Skills Test Fee $ 75  Fingerprinting/Background $ 85  Behind the Wheel Training $400  Classroom Training $150  Total $926 11School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

12  Work days will usually be scheduled on Friday prior to the work week.  Some work will be on-call, as needed.  Number of work hours will vary depending on several factors, sport season, capability, availability and flexibility of driver, or other needs of the department.  Hourly pay will be $xx.xx per hour.  Time sheets will be turned in by the first of the month and payroll will come out on the last day. 12School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

13  Attend all classroom sessions and participate (approximately XX hours over a X day period.)  During the first 2 days of class, go to DOL and get a Complete and Original School Bus Driver’s abstract. Also, pick up a current Commercial Driver Guide. 13School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

14  Study on your own for the CDL written tests (come to your instructor with any questions).  Take and pass the general knowledge test and obtain your instructional permit. 14School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

15  When class is finished, students who are selected to continue will be given behind- the-wheel training. 1. Number of hours depends on the student. 2. One-on-one, or groups with an assigned instructor. 3. Training times will be by mutual agreement between the instructor and the student. 4. You will be expected to commit to self study on the pre-trip portion of the skills section. 15School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

16  Availability to work when assigned.  Driving skills.  Student management skills.  Ability to communicate with school staff and patrons in a positive manner.  Versatility to drive all types of routes.  Performance of all required duties – including fueling, cleaning, paperwork, etc.  Length of substitute service. 16School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

17  Class Will Begin on (Date) 1. Turn in Driver Abstract From DOL. 2. Complete Orientation Questions. 3. Begin CDL Study – Read Guide.  Call If You Have Any Questions 888-888-8888 Between 6am and 4pm 17School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

18 1. List 3 initial driver requirements. 2. List 5 requirements needed to be authorized in Washington State. 3. Name 4 circumstances when a driver could be subjected to drug and/or alcohol testing 4. State the 4 written tests required by DOL 5. List 2 factors that will affect the amount of work available to a substitute driver. 18School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

19  1. Answer: ▪ Enjoy children ▪ At least 21 years old ▪ 3 years driving experience (1 CDL) ▪ Fingerprinting/Background check ▪ Acceptable driving record ▪ Meet physical requirements ▪ Drug testing 19School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

20  2. Answer: Driving abstract Valid drivers’ license DOT physical Valid First Aid card Background checks completed Complete classroom and BTW training 20School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

21  3. Answer: ▪ Pre-employment ▪ Random ▪ Post-Accident ▪ Reasonable suspicion  4. Answer:  General Knowledge  Passenger Management  Air Brake knowledge  School bus specific 21School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

22  5. Answer: ▪ Sport Season ▪ Capability of driver ▪ Availability and flexibility of driver ▪ Departmental needs 22School Bus Drivers Inservice 2011–12

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