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Body Language.

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1 Body Language

2 Warming up What is the purpose of language?
Language is used to communicate or tell people thoughts, feelings and reactions.

3 Ways of communicating Spoken language Written language Body language

4 What is body language? Body language is one form of nonverbal communication without using words. Eye contact or gaze, facial expression, gesture, and posture, or the way you stand, are different kinds of body language.

5 How are they feeling? happy

6 sad

7 angry

8                                                                                                                                                                                                          confident

9 excited depressed                                                                                                                                                                                                         

10 confused

11 Guess Gestures

12 ok stop silent good/well done

13 applause victory

14 Good/ Well done!

15 Bad!

16 Come here!

17 Good luck!

18 Me?

19 I don’t know!

20 Body language varies from culture to culture.
Gesture Country Meaning eye contact some countries other countries show interest rude or disrespectful

21 a circle with one’s thumb and index finger
Gesture Country Meaning a circle with one’s thumb and index finger most countries Japan France Germany Brazil OK money zero rude

22 good / well done thumbs up the US Nigeria Germany Japan rude No.1

23 Comparison Meaning Gesture in the USA Gesture in China
No, don’t do that. Moving the index finger from side to side. Moving the hand from side to side I don’t know Shrugging one’s shoulders. Shaking the head

24 Meaning Gesture in the USA Gesture in China Well done Thumbs up. Incredible. I can’t believe it. Rolling one’s eyes. Open one’s eye or mouth wide.

25 Meaning Gesture in the USA Gesture in China Money Rubbing the thumb and index finger together Rubbing the thumb and index finger together

26 Meaning Gesture in the USA Gesture in China Come here. Moving the index finger forwards and backwards. Moving one’s hand up and down with the palm facing down.

27 Predict what you think the topic will be?
Checking Communication: No problem? Predict what you think the topic will be?

28 Japanese- Akira Nagata
George Cook (Canada) Julia Smith (Britain) Tony Garcia (Columbia)

29 Decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).
1. Englishmen often stand close to others or touch strangers as soon as they meet. 2. Most people around the world now greet each other by kissing . F F

30 3. Japanese will bow to others as greeting.
4. People from Jordan will move very close to you as you introduce yourself to them. 5. Some body languages in some countries are good while some countries’ body language are bad. T T F

31 Choose the correct one. 1. What is the main idea of the text?
A. There are different customs in different countries. B. Foreigners should follow the customs of the country where they are visiting. C. People use body movements to send messages and different body movements have different meanings. D. The importance of knowing customs.

32 2. If two men stand close to each other while talking, they cannot be from _____.
A. an Arab country B. USA C. Britain D. Russia

33 3. What should a Chinese young man do when he meets his Russian friend in Moscow?
A. Kiss him. B. Nod his head to his friend. C. Shake hands with him. D. Smile at him.

34 4. If you go to some Asian countries, which of the following can you do?
A. Touch the head of a boy. B. Nod your head to others. C. Sit with your feet pointing at another person. D. Kiss each other.

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