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West Virginia Educational Standards Test WESTEST 2005 Training for County Test Coordinators Part II – “Bundling”

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1 West Virginia Educational Standards Test WESTEST 2005 Training for County Test Coordinators Part II – “Bundling”


3 Return of Materials- “Bundling” At School Site 1. Be sure damaged test booklets have been processed. a. CTC Notified b. Responses transcribed to new test booklet c. Damaged test booklet placed in sealed container d. Scribe Verification Form completed 2 copies) e. Damaged test booklet returned to CTC f. Test booklet with transcribed responses processed with completed or partially completed test booklets 2. Separate completed and partially completed from unused. 3. Verify numbers match Security Checklist. 4. Begin with completed and partially completed test booklets and check GIS for accuracy with roster. a. Examiner’s last name first, space, first initial b. Number of students : Total of ALL test booklets for that examiner or grade level - right justified c. Grade level tested bubbled in d. No other field needs to be filled out

4 Returning the Testing Materials (cont.) 5. School Group List - Transfer information from GIS to SGL EXACTLY as written. 6. Groups of 10 or less: Stack test booklets in groups of 10 or less by examiner or by grade level. Check: a. All same grade level b. Spines facing same direction 7. Stack Cover Card - Place completed stack cover card on top of each stack. Check for accuracy. a. Examiner’s name: last name and first initial b. 3 Digit County Code: (0 in front of 2-digit county code) c. School number: 3 digits (0 in front of 2-digit school code) d. Grade: Grade level tested e. Bundle/Stack: “1 of X,” “2 of X” “X” is total number of bundles for that examiner or grade level f. Total number of students listed on GIS g. Total of test booklets in THIS bundle for that examiner or grade level

5 Returning the Testing Materials (cont.) 8. Put completed GIS under Stack Cover Card in first bundle for that examiner or grade level. 9. Use only bands provided by CTB – and secure each bundle with one horizontal and one vertical band. 10. Place marked bundles in CTB boxes. a. Keep examiner’s or grade level bundles together. b. Place bundle “1 of x” on top of stacks for that examiner or grade level. c. Keep grade level bundles grouped together. Pack in same boxes if possible. d. Be sure non-public school test booklets are boxed separately. 11. Use only one SGL per school. a. Separate SGL for Home schooled students. b. Return original SGL to CTC and keep copy at school.

6 Returning the Testing Materials (cont.) 12. Place unused test booklets, sorted by grade level, in CTB boxes. a. They do not need to be bundled. b. If unopened, keep banded. 13. Fill in information on labels and place over the CTB shipping label. a. Blue – public school b. Orange – non-public school and home schooled c. Purple – unused 14. Schools do not seal boxes – CTC seals them. 15. Schools send unsealed boxes to CTC with: a. School Security Checklists b. Irregularity Sheets c. SGL d. Scribe Verification Form (if applicable)

7 Returning the Testing Materials (cont.) REMINDERS….. ***Be sure all scratch paper was shredded at school. ***Schools should keep copies of Checklists, Test Irregularity Sheets and Scribe Verification Forms. ***Large print and Braille must be transcribed to regular size test booklet. (They are processed as completed test booklets.) ***Damaged test booklets prepared according to directions.


9 Quick Summary “Changes” Principals/Building Coordinators place labels on test booklets before testing begins. ALL STUDENTS May use scratch paper, graph paper, etc. while reading and/or responding for all content areas. Section I and II of Math MUST be given on same day Scribe for short term medical conditions - approval from CTC or SE Director AND note from attending physician. STUDENTS WITH IEPs AND 504 PLANS Students who cannot read contracted Braille or Nemeth code - directions, stimulus material, questions and/or answer choices may be read aloud verbatim for Math, Science and Social Studies. (RLA – directions only)

10 “Changes” Review (cont.) Receive accommodations as outlined in the IEP or 504 Plan Directions may be rephrased by a trained examiner. Use large print (20 font) when typical mode of accessing written material. Physical support provided by aide if routinely provided and aide trained. No tape recordings will be used for directions, etc. Electronic translator or sign dictionary - used in Math, Science and Social Studies. (Directions only in RLA) Student no longer has to specify punctuation and spelling to scribe. Specific information is required if requesting other accommodations. Deletion of use of Arithmetic Tables. Provide more breaks than are scheduled.

11 “Changes” Review (cont.) LEP STUDENTS Clarification of definition of LEP students. Directions may be rephrased by trained examiner No tape recordings. A computer, typewriter, or other device may be used. Student does not need to specify punctuation and spelling to scribe. Use of arithmetic tables has been deleted. Specific information required if requesting other accommodations.

12 “Changes” Review (cont.) TRANSCRIBING A Scribe Verification Form has been added. A new section for transcribing Oral or Signed responses has been added. (Page 9) A scribe will demonstrate proficiency in Braille A scribe should work with another scribe to proofread for accuracy. A definition of Braille errors and examples have been added. Scribe will indicate responses to constructed response items that are unintelligible. Scribe will document if unclear as to how to transcribe a student’s response.

13 “Changes” Review (cont.) OTHER CHANGES Alternative Schools- test booklets returned to student’s home school for processing. 15 minutes has been added to suggested time for Session 2 Math and Session 2 Science (Grades 3-8) and 15 minutes for Science (Grade 10). Security bands replaced sealed packages. School Security Checklist form and Box Count Verification forms have been added. Student Bar Code labels can be replaced. Procedure for initialing “OUT” and “IN” columns when receiving and returning test booklets has been added. Security Checklists replace Rosters

14 “Changes” Review (cont.) Term “bio-hazard” containers has been changed to “sealed” containers. Manipulatives are now called “punch-out tools.” Students may use own personal rulers, protractors or calculators. Students who typically take longer to complete tests may be grouped together. Testing in “Groups of no more than 30” is no longer specified. Scribe Verification Form for all transcribed test booklets Wording now says, “Examiners and proctors shall be employees of the school or county,” instead of “…school educators.” Every examiner and proctor an employee of school, county or RESA.

15 “Changes” Review (cont.) RETURNING OF TEST MATERIALS One vertical and one horizontal band Labels: Blue (public); Orange (non public); Purple (unused) School label placed over CTB shipping label No separate directions for processing make-up tests Specific directions for preparing damaged test booklets Bundling process more simple Damaged test booklets are not sent to WVDE – CTC can destroy AFTER conditions are met GIS and SCC: Last name, space, first initial COUNTY TEST COORDINATOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES Security Checklists and Security Bar Codes Security Checklists and Box Count Verification Form to CTB If school label is correct, county label placed BESIDE it – if school label incorrect, county label placed OVER school it Braille and large print test booklets returned to CTB

16 “Changes” Review (cont.) Reminder: Any teaching aid that may give students information or help on any part of the test must be covered or removed during testing. Rooms must be checked prior to the beginning of testing. Examples include but are not limited to: Word wall words Number lines Punctuation rules Maps Multiplication tables (Principal’s Test Procedures Agreement - #15 – Page 39)

17 Any Questions?

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