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SPERM Causes Diagram Political Social EVENT Economic Religious

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1 SPERM Causes Diagram Political Social EVENT Economic Religious

2 Trends and Triggers Causation Diagram
LT/ST/T Causes Diagram Trends and Triggers Causation Diagram EVENT Long term causes or trends are bigger factors which build up over time. Triggers are those very severe events which set the event off. They feed on all the energy created by the other causes. Short term causes are those events which cause a build up of pressure before the event happens. They tend to quickly get more severe than the trends but they also feed into them.

3 Significance Skittles
Which was the more significant invention: mp3 player or mobile phone? Ordinary Life War Politics Religion Economy Which was the more significant event: September 11th or Credit Crunch? Society

4 Significance at/over time
Significance Ripples Significance at/over time Society Economy Politics Over time How did the Norman Invasion have significance at the time and over time? What about the Crusades? At the time

5 Significance 5Rs Remembered Results Remarkable Resonant Revealing
Is it remembered? Who by? Where? Remembered What happened because of it? Good and Bad Results Results How was it seen at the time? Was it considered to be important or unusual in any way? Remarkable Is there any ways it is seen in our culture today? Does it form part of who we are today? Do people follow lessons or examples from it? Resonant Can it tell us about how people thought and acted at the time? Revealing

6 Significance at/over time
Source Inferences Significance at/over time Face value: The obvious message of the source Soldiers wore masks Inferences: Reading deeper. What does it suggest? This suggests that gas was a weapon used during the war and that protection against it was primitive. Might suggest it is a new weapon Machine guns were used This might suggest that deaths were on a huge scale as machine guns can fire very fast. Might also suggest that munitions were in high demand.

7 Significance at/over time
CAPS Weight of Evidence Significance at/over time C Context –what was happening at the time this was written? How might that affect the weight? A Audience – Who was intended to see this? How might that affect the weight of the evidence? P Purpose – What was the author setting out to do? Why might this affect the weight? S Supporting evidence – Does it fit with any other evidence you have? How does this affect the weight? We often use sources to help answer complex questions. However sources cannot just be used at “face value”. We need to carefully consider the PROVENANCE of sources and think about how this might affect their WEIGHT.

8 Significance at/over time
Diversity: Similarity & Difference Significance at/over time Rich and poor? Men and women? All of this will help you to build a FULLER PICTURE of the past. Eg. Some people were uneducated in the Middle Ages. Women for example got little access to education. However other groups, especially members of the Church got access to a high standard of education which improved between 1100 and 1500 etc. Change over time? People in the Middle Ages were uneducated Old and young? Different countries?

9 Significance at/over time
PETT Evaluating Change Significance at/over time P Pace – How fast were the changes happening? Rapid, gradual, consistently, inconsistently? E Extent – How big were the changes? Partial, significant, insignificant, total, revolutionary? T Turning Points – Are there any points where the nature of continuity or change alters? Trends – Over a long period of time was there a trend towards progress or regression?

10 Significance at/over time
CAPE Evaluating Interpretations Significance at/over time Context: What was going on when this was written? What is the historian’s own background? Audience: Who is this intended for? Main Interpretation (Author’s Argument) Purpose: What has they set out to prove? What questions have they asked? What kind of historian are they? Evidence: What sort of evidence have they used?

11 Presenting Your Findings
Hamburger Paragraphs Significance at/over time Presenting Your Findings Presenting Your Findings

12 Presenting Your Findings
PEEL Writing Structure Presenting Your Findings Significance at/over time Presenting Your Findings P POINT– Make a clear point which answers the question E EVIDENCE– What evidence can you give to support what you have said EXPLAIN – Explain how this evidence proves the point you have made L LINK – Clearly link to either more evidence or back to the question Idea I Develop D Embed Evidence E Explore Link L

13 Presenting Your Findings
Explaining (historically) Presenting Your Findings Presenting Your Findings Significance at/over time MAKE A POINT NOW THE LONG JOURNEY ON… THE EXPLAIN PLANE VISIT EVIDENCE AIRPORT UNTIL YOUR POINT IS…FULLY EXPLAINED

14 Presenting Your Findings
Essay Structure Significance at/over time Presenting Your Findings Intro Use this to set the scene – give a little contextual detail Deal with any important terms in the question Set out a hypothesis – it gives an idea of where your essay is going Middle Here you outline your main arguments Use hamburger paragraphs Make sure each paragraph directly answers the question set Put your most important stuff first Conclusion Briefly sum up your main points Use all the evidence you have collected to make a balanced judgement about the question Do not bring in new stuff here!!

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