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Authentication Authorization Accounting and Auditing

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1 Authentication Authorization Accounting and Auditing
Open Issues for irtf AAAARCH working group IWS2000 February 16, 2000 John Vollbrecht Director, Merit AAA Server Consortium Merit Network Inc.

2 AAARCH irtf working group– goals and objectives
Research rather than engineering group Long term architecture group, related to AAA working group Architecture and models for AAA/A in 9-12 months Feed full requirements to AAA wg in early 2001 As opposed to AAA ietf wg goals – to have an “interim” protocol requirements by end of March (Adelaide ietf) Hope to recharter as a Protocol selection group and have interim protocol by early 2001 IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

3 AAA infrastructure – vision for the future
User org AAA Appl with AAA AAA Broker AAA Broker AAA Broker AAA Broker User org AAA User Appl with AAA IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

4 AAA irtf basic concepts
Focus on inter-organization issue Service provider and user-organization each “own” policy Push, Pull, Agent sequences for Authorization Brokers and Proxies as intermediaries between service providers and user-organizations IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

5 Brokers and Proxies Different types of intermediaries
Brokers aggregate applications and/or “user-orgs” Facilitate inter-organization cooperation Proxies promote interaction between AAA servers within an administrative domain Often translate between organization specific and standard interface Much of AAA work deals with how Brokers and Proxies fit with AAA protocols IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

6 Brokers and Proxies – Requirements- tentative definitions
Brokers have business relationship with multiple organizations Implies enough trust to do business Perhaps not “complete” trust Requires audit friendly AAA system Proxies interact with AAA servers in the same organization Implies organizational trust (not network/security trust) Typically uses translate between AAA protocols aggregate AAA servers in an organization Interface to AAA servers in other organizations IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

7 AAAARCH –Open Issues Data representation Data security
Interaction between accounting and authorization State maintenance with no single point of failure Distributed policy Storage/ evaluation/ enforcement Policy description Auditing requirements IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

8 Data Representation Groups of objects Groups of groups
Integrity by group Identify originating and destination server(s) Data Object contents could be Policy description Policy “data” Policy evaluation Possibly Self defining syntax for objects IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

9 Data Objects (DO1) (AAA-HDR) (DO1) (DO2)(AAA-HDR) Service AAA
Broker AAA User-org AAA (AAA-HDR)(DO3)(DO4) (AAA-HDR)(DO3)

10 Data Object Security Integrity Role of mac vs. signatures
Role of intermediary Broker Trusted 3rd party Performance and business model IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

11 Data Object Security Confidentiality When is it required
Examples Clear text password Session key for FA/HA in MobileIP What is required Some external authority trusted by originator and receiver of confidential data object IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

12 Accounting and Authorization
Authorization can include Accounting Policy Accounting to demonstrate that requested policy was implemented ( i.e. that QOS requested was delivered) Requirement for a “session id” to identify Accounting and Authorization activity for the same session IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

13 State Maintenance State is what is known about a session – often most important is whether the session is currently “up” Information about state of session may be maintained in multiple AAA servers There is one source of authoritative information about each state element of the session Making sure that what is kept in AAA server matches authoritative source is tricky and has led to systems with difficulty doing fail over between a primary and backup server IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

14 Distributed Session State (proposal)
Request/reply Primary AAA Server State request Sess state State update NAS Backup AAA Server Sess state IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

15 Distributed Policy Policy Description Policy Data Policy Enforcement
Repository maintained by organizational owner Policy Data Data to be evaluated by policy Policy Enforcement Doing what the Policy describes Owner of policy may not be owner of Policy Data Enforcement of Policy decision may be by different organization than the one defining policy IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

16 Distributed Policy User-org AAA User info db Broker AAA
Policy Repository User-org AAA User info db Policy Repository Broker AAA Broker agreements db Policy Repository Application AAA Application state db Device PEP

17 Auditing With multi-organization process, each organization must trust that others are doing what is expected Auditing verifies that processes are reasonable, appropriate for expected results Equivalent to what CPA would require for standard business systems Expands network management to multi-organization process IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

18 Some Audit Mechanisms Logging signed requests and session status records Logging by trusted 3rd party of appropriate records Real time “check” that appropriate programs are running Comparing log entries from cooperating servers IWS2000 !6 Feb.2000

19 Summary Active Group working on AAA issues
Goal is to find and define a simple mechanism that permits complex services Open mail group We encourage interested people to join the group (mail to or Questions/ comments? (Thanks)

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