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Lets try to understand who we are in this environment.

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1 Lets try to understand who we are in this environment

2 Discuss this with your table group.

3  Life is seen through different eyes (mind or heart) because of different life experiences What makes the hearing and Deaf experiences so different?

4  Someone who can’t: Talk Enjoy music Write or read well Have a respectable well paying job  Or who needs: Help, and we know best how to give that help

5 hearing people who claim to know what deaf people need, focusing on what they can’t do: Hearing: We can make you hearing, aren’t you happy for that? Deaf: I do not wish to hear, did you ever ask me? Hearing: We can teach you to talk and read lips, aren’t you happy for that? Deaf: It is unnatural and ineffective. Did you ask me? Hearing: You can get what you are missing, your hearing, aren’t you happy for that? Deaf: I never had it to miss it. Do people in Kansas mourn not having the beach; they have never had it and are content anyway.

6 Audism describes the mentality that to be able to hear and to speak is necessarily better and leads to a higher quality of life. On this basis, different forms of discriminating behavior against deaf and hard of hearing people may arise. Audism can manifest in different areas of life, exhibited mostly by hearing people. It can also occur within the Deaf Community as some deaf or hard of hearing persons share the attitude that being hearing is better.

7  Where else have we heard these kind of views in history? Come up with at least 10 examples.

8 With your group, define it.

9  I would argue it’s the absence of something rather than the presence of something.

10 The absence of seeing value.

11 Can’t or won’t consider that the Deaf experience has value. Let’s take a look at an ASL student’s interview with hearing people asking about the difference between hearing and Deaf cultures.

12 as selfish (won’t) or ignorant (can’t)? Selfish- devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others. Ignorant- lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact.

13 is a term coined by Paddy Ladd in his book “Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood.” While the precise meaning of the word remains deliberately vague—Ladd himself calls Deafhood a "process" rather than something finite and clear—it attempts to convey an affirmative and positive acceptance of being deaf.

14  More so than hearing people, I would say there is a definite identity associated with being Deaf, there are no negative feelings associated with it, but much pride.

15  When a Deaf person sees people/friends who know how to sign, yet carry on with their hearing friends in the company of their Deaf friend without involving the Deaf friend, what message does that send? How does the Deaf friend feel?  Discuss this with your group?

16 being at a party with all your friends, you are the youngest at 15 and they decide to go to the Grand Prix Go-carts that require a driver’s license. You don’t have one, but the others do. They decide to take you home so that they can follow through with their plans. They have purposely rejected you. Would you call this selfishness or ignorance? Or would you call it something else? Discuss it with your group. What would you have done, as one of the older friends?

17 They could have easily made accommodations to do something you could also enjoy doing. You may very well be depriving yourself from something which could have been equally or even more fun by involving everyone.

18 your friends decided to go to the Grand Prix Go-carts, but you weren’t there when they planned it. Would you have expected them to not consider going because you weren’t old enough? How are the two scenarios different?

19  When a person is part of a larger group, their feelings should always be considered when making plans.  Make your plans to consider those who will be involved.

20 because of selfishness or ignorance hurts everyone. Those doing the rejecting have lost:  An opportunity to share an experience  To get to know who that person is  FYI: because Deaf people are so Proud of their identity and they have a unique view on the world, to include them in your life is to gain that view for yourself. Priceless! The rejected person feels:  Unwanted and rejected  Devalued  Alone  FYI: Deaf people may have these feelings daily (Audism), however they are typically very friendly, patient, happy and well adjusted people. This just takes us back to pride in their identity.

21  These are ASL students.

22 the hearing ASL students to the first hearing group. Did you have a different feeling about them? How were the first group and the second group different? Why? Discuss with your group.

23 Ignorance and/or Selfishness vs. Knowledge and Acceptance?

24  How did Deaf people answer the same question?

25  How did that make you feel? Why? Discuss with your group.

26  What did our interviewer learn? Discuss with your group.

27 advocates of Deaf people, not helpers, but willing to speak up on their behalf.

28 You are in a unique and valuable situation, most ASL classes don’t have a Culturally Deaf student as a member. This lesson was not meant to make you feel bad, but it was a learning moment that presented itself and as your teacher I am obligated to help you make sense of what was happening in class on Friday. You are all perfectly lovely people with no malice in your hearts. I believe this was a case of ignorance(you didn’t know what you didn’t know).

29  How did Haddy feel after sitting for over 1 hour reading the lyrics to songs that you were singing, rocking out to and chatting to each other about?  Could you consider his feelings at that time? Why?  Did Haddy make suggestions for accommodations? Did you consider them?  Would you consider them now?  How did today’s lesson affect you? Journal Write

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