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Introduction : - Situation of city - Climate - Population - Monuments - History - Economy.

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3 Introduction : - Situation of city - Climate - Population - Monuments - History - Economy

4 Boston is the capital of the State of Massachusetts in north east of the United States of America. The mayor of Boston is Thomas Menino. The surface area of Boston is 232 km². It‘s the economic and cultural center of New England. Massachusetts is in New England, it’s an area which regroups six states of the USA. Boston There are a lot of forms of transport in Boston : - The Water Shuttle Boat is a boat which transports people to the airport. - The underground, the bus - Highways with tunnels - The international airport and - Railways.

5 This is the flag of Boston. This is the Boston seaport. Boston is the oldest city in the United States of America and it was founded in 1630 by English emmigrants. Boston has a very important university and it’s the fourth biggest university in the United States. The university of Boston is very famous and prestigious in the country.

6 The climate of Boston is the same as that of Bordeaux. It’s a temperate climate. In the last century the temperature increased by around five degrees (C°). Temperature in 18th century. Temperature today.

7 Today there are 620 000 inhabitants in Boston and with Cambridge and Quincy there are around 4 589 000 inhabitants, the tenth biggest agglomeration of U.S. A lot of white people live in Boston(Irishs and German immigrants). There are also some Africans and a few Latinos. We can see on the graph that Boston’s population was increasing steadily up to 1950 but it has fallen since then.

8 There are a lot of monuments in Boston. I selected some of them : The First Church of Christ in Boston Highways The John F. Kennedy library (The most famous Irish family) Newbury Street Business center

9 - Massachusetts State House built by Charles Bulfinch in 1798 (1) - Boston Common a botical gardens dating to the 17th century (2) - Park Street Church built in the 19th century (3) 1 2 3

10 Boston was created by English immigrants in 1630 who were fleeing religious persecution in their country. Boston had rapidly developed in the 17th century. In 1840 Europeans (lots of Irish) arrived in Boston fleeing the Great Famine. They worked in the textile industry. Since the 19th century, Boston’s religion is Catholicism. In the 19th century Boston was a very famous and big seaport in the USA. In 1770 there was a massacre in Boston. It was the English army who killed five people because Boston people insulted the English army and they shouted at the crowd. It was a moment which triggered the War of Independence of the United States. In 1773, people from Boston got on a boat with tea and they threw the tea into the sea : the Boston Tea Party, the most important moment of the American Revolution.

11 Today, in Boston, the most dynamic sectors are education, health and finance. The high-tech industries have developed alot. Boston has a very big private university (4 th of US). The university is the fourth employer of Boston. Boston has a big and famous company called « Boston Consulting Group » or BCG. It’s an international company. Its sector of activity is industry and motor vehicles. The different sectors of activity have an improved organization, logistics, and production.

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