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8 BLOODIEST civil war battles Ana M. Zamudio W. Stiern Middle School Ms. Marshall 2009-2010.

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2 8 BLOODIEST civil war battles Ana M. Zamudio W. Stiern Middle School Ms. Marshall 2009-2010

3 Battle of Chickamauga The Battle of Chickamauga took place in Georgia, lasting from September 19-20, 1863. It was a victory for the Confederacy that resulted in 34,624 deaths, 16,170 from which were Union Soldiers. ► Union Officials Involved: Major Gen. William S. Rosecrans, Major Gen. George H. Thomas. ► Confederate Officials Involved: Gen. Braxton Bragg, Lt. Gen. James Longstreet. ► Outcome: Confederate Victory ► Union Casualties: 16,170 ► Confederate Casualties: 18,454 ► Significance: Even though it was a Confederate Victory, they didn’t press their advantage. The Union retreated to Chattanooga, and were sent to attack Knoxville. Lincoln had time to replace Rosecrans with Gen. Grant who had reinforcements.

4 Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse ► Occurring between May 8-21, 1864, the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse took place in Virginia. 30,000 deaths were reported, of which 18,000 were Union Soldiers. It was undetermined whether it was a Union or Confederate Victory. ► Union Officials Involved: Gen. Grant, Major Gen. Meade ► Confederate Officials Involved: General Robert E. Lee ► Outcome: Victory Undetermined. ► Union Casualties: 18,000 soldiers ► Confederate Casualties: 12,000 soldiers ► Significance: Grant decided to disengage and continue his campaign to Richmond. However, for every victory, there were tremendous numbers of deaths, which then brought his number of military troops down by crucial numbers. Which worked for and against the Union.

5 Battle of Chancellorsville ► The Battle of Chancellorsville took place in Virginia in May 1-4, 1863. It resulted in a total of 24,000 deaths and was recorded as a Confederate Victory. ► Union Officials Involved: Major General Joseph Hooker. ► Confederate Officials Involved: Gen. Lee, Major Gen. Jackson ► Outcome: Confederate Victory ► Union Casualties: 14,000 ► Confederate Casualties: 10,000 ► Significance: The battle was considered to be Gen. Lee’s greatest victory. At the same time, the South lost one of it’s greatest stragetic minds when Stonewall Jackson died.

6 Battle of Shiloh ► The Battle of Shiloh raged in Tennessee between April 6-7, 1862. About 23,746 men died. While there were more Union casualties, the battle was a tactical victory for the North. ► Union Officials Involved: Major Gen. Grant & Major Gen. Carlos Buell ► Confederate Officials Involved: Gen. Sidney Johnston & Gen. Beauregard ► Outcome: Union Victory, though they suffered greater losses in their forces. ► Union Casualties: 13,047 Soldiers. ► Confederate Casualties: 10,699 Soldiers. ► Significance: This battle should have been a huge victory for the Confederacy however, with its loss and immense human deaths on both sides, leaders knew the Civil War wouldn’t quickly end.

7 !!~Battle of Antietam~!! ► The Battle of Antietam occurred between September 16-18, 1862 in Maryland. It resulted in 23,100 casualties. While the result of the battle was inconclusive, it was the Union’s greatest advantage by obtaining British Support. ► Union Officials Involved: Major Gen. McClellan ► Confederate Officials Involved: Gen. Robert E. Lee ► Outcome: The result was undetermined, but the Union got a major advantage. ► Total Casualties: 23,100 Soldiers. ► Significance: The Battle of Antietam forced the Confederate Army to retreat. President Lincoln saw the true significance of this battle and issued the famous on September 22, 1862. ► EXTRA: This is the bloodiest 3 day battle in Civil War records, having the most fallen soldiers in a matter of 8 hours.

8 Battle of Fort Donelson ► The Battle of Fort Donelson was fought between February 13-16, 1862 in Tennessee. It was a Union Victory, altogether 32,465 deaths were reported. ► Union Officials Involved: Brigadier Gen. Grant ► Confederate Officials Involved: Brigadier Gen. P. Buckner ► Outcome: Union Victory ► Union Casualties: 17,398 Soldiers ► Confederate Casualties: 15,067 Soldiers ► Brief Overview: Union troops were gathering troops under Gen. Grant around Fort Donelson. To avoid Starvation, Confederate Troops began an all-out attack in order to gain route safety. They were defeated at the end, with the fort’s 12,000 surrendered men. ► Significance: Was a very important victory to the North. The fall of the Fort insured that Kentucky would remain in the Union.

9 Battle of Stones River ► The Battle of Stone’s River occurred between December 31, 1862- January 2, 1863 in Tennessee. It resulted in a Union Victory with a total of 23,515 deaths. ► Other Names: Murfreesboro. ► Union Officials Involved: Major Gen. William S. Rosecrans ► Confederate Officials Involved: Gen. Braxton Bragg ► Outcome: Union Victory ► Union Casualties: 13,249 Soldiers ► Confederate Casualties: 10,266 Soldiers ► Rosecrans left Nashville on Dec. 26, with about 44,000 men to defeat Bragg’s army of about more than 37,000 soldiers. After being attacked, Rosecrans was expected to withdraw and retreat, but Bragg found them the morning after New Years, still in position. The Confederates threw a few Federals back, but were then driven back to the East, West, and in the Trans-Mississippi.

10 Battle of Gettysburg ► This battle took place from July 1-3, 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Resulted in 51,000 casualties. The Union was considered the victor of the battle. ► Union Officials Involved: General John Buford. ► Confederate Officials Involved: General Heth. ► Union Casualties: 23,000 Soldiers ► Confederate Casualties: 51,000 Soldiers. ► Outcome: Union Victory ► This battle began accidentally. Two Confederate Brigades lead by Heth moved in to occupy the town of Gettysburg, not knowing that it was already occupied by two Union Calvary Brigades lead by Buford. The fighting broke out around 8 a.m. It was the costliest battle of the American Civil War, spanning over 3 days and resulting in over 51,112 individuals killed, wounded, missing, or captured.

11 The Outcome? ► All in all, the Victor of the famous American Civil war was the North (the Union), in which Lincoln helped free the slaves afterwards. 620,000 Americans died during this raging event of battles, all defending their morals and beliefs. ► Union Deaths: 360,222 ► Confederacy Deaths: 258,000

12 Kelly, Martin Daniel, Larry J. Shiloh: The Battle That Changed the Civil War New York, NY 10020: Touchstone Rockefeller Center, Copyrighted 1997 Pages 18, 45, 46

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