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!!! EXAMS !!!. Your exams run from: Day 00.00.00 to Day 00.00.00.

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1 !!! EXAMS !!!

2 Your exams run from: Day 00.00.00 to Day 00.00.00

3 Protocols (How things are done) Full school uniform (except Sixth Form). Register with Form Tutors no later than 08.55 am. Meet outside the Sports Hall (unless told otherwise) at:  09.00 (morning) / 13.20 (afternoon) for internal exams;  09.15 (morning) / 13.15 (afternoon) for external exams. Line up in Tutor Group (Y7-9) or Column / Seat (Y10-13) order. Switch off all electronic gadgets and put them in your bag. Enter the room, place coats / bags at the back, sit down. Listen to and follow all instructions given verbally and in writing. When dismissed, collect belongings, leave the room. All in totalSILENCE!


5 Exam Rooms (Where the magic happens) Exam rooms - are shown on your timetable along with your seat number. Main room – Sports Hall (most people). Other rooms – Eamont Block, Lecture Theatre, Westmorland Hall and sometimes Cumberland Hall. Access – meet in Room 114 unless you are told otherwise.

6 Checklist (Things that you need) Timetable – exam paper, time, place, seat number, centre number, candidate number. Equipment – watch, black biros, sharpened HB pencils, long ruler, soft eraser, anything else required for specific subjects. Clear pencil case or transparent polythene bag for equipment. Still water – small, clear bottle with label removed.

7 Other stuff (Things that get in the way) Stress and anxiety – exams affect people in different ways…keep everything in perspective, pace yourself, do your best and learn to stop and chill out when it all gets too much. Illness – see how things turn out on the day…if you are genuinely unwell (not just nervous or under the weather) then tell us and we’ll see what we can do to help. Other issues – unpredictable things do happen in the run up to exams, just before an exam and sometimes during an exam…stay calm, keep everything in proportion and don’t let it turn into something that it isn’t…we’ll address any problems as they arise.

8 Some people dream of success, whilst others wake up and work hard at it. Good luck! Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there. Effort is only effort when it starts to hurt.

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