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An Irish Strategy for Carers Enda Egan CEO, The Carers Association.

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1 An Irish Strategy for Carers Enda Egan CEO, The Carers Association

2 Carers in Ireland Ireland’s 160,917 Carers provide 3.7 million hours of care each week saving the State €2.5 billion each year. This means the average fulltime Carer contributes €40,500 of caring work each year. 49,742 Carers receive Carers Allowance. Of these 20,350 receive Half Rate Carers Allowance. Approximately 39,000 nurses employed in our health services. In 2010 the Central Statistics Office estimated that Ireland could now have as many as 274,000 Family Carers.


4 What is the National Carers Strategy? The National Carers Strategy is a Government policy document which sets out clearly identified actions that Government will take to ensure best outcomes for Carers and those for whom they care.

5 Why have a National Carers Strategy Acknowledge and give recognition to the vital role of Carers. Set out measures to improve the services and supports available to Carers Support carers to have a family and community life and be socially included Support carers to remain mentally and physically well. Give Carers a say in service provision Government Policy to care for people at home


7 Towards a National Carers Strategy: Progress to Date


9 Supports for Carers Carer Needs Assessment Respite Services Support Groups Training Home Help Day Care Centres Equipment to do the job Home Care Packages


11 Information for Carers Right to information – Legislation Clearer information on entitlements Proper resourcing of free phone Careline and information services Training for all health service frontline staff Dept. Health Carer specific website (similar to UK)

12 Education and Training Care in the Home training for all Carers Specific training for specific caring situations Personal development training Back to work training

13 Income Supports Adequate income supports for Carers e.g. Carers Allowance, Benefit, Respite Grant etc. Ensure Carers have access to an adequate income when they reach pension age. Enable Carers to balance employment and caring responsibilities. Ensure Carers are not financially penalised due to their caring role.


15 Employment, Legislation & Equality Carer specific legislation Flexible working conditions Habitual Residence Condition Share the Care policies


17 Carers with Specific Needs Young Carers Male Carers Older Carers Carers of Alzheimer's patients Carers of those with severe disabilities Carers who themselves have a disability or are unwell Carers who are 24/7


19 Where To From Here Carers Become Empowered through Lobbying Training Continuation of Specific Political Lobbying Campaigns Political Champion Data Base Lobbying & advocacy collaboration within the wider Disability & Older persons sector Need for more Evidential based Research especially in the area of Economics of Family Care Generate Political will


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