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Irish Coast Guard Hepatitis B Prevention Programme September 2000.

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1 Irish Coast Guard Hepatitis B Prevention Programme September 2000

2 The hidden dangers Blood borne diseases Hepatitis B

3 Hepatitis B- the threat is a serious disease one of the most infectious viruses known to man 100 times more infectious than HIV is second only to tobacco smoking as an identifiable cause of cancer

4 Hepatitis B- the virus enters the body spreads in the body affects the organs present in all body fluids- – blood –urine –semen –vaginal secretions –saliva spreads via contact

5 Hepatitis B - the disease no symptoms unwell very unwell for long period liver cancer infectious - can spread

6 Hepatitis B - the risk contact with an infected person body fluid contact blood to blood sex Ireland 1:200 Irish prisons 1:10 Europe 1:50 Eastern Europe 1:10 Africa 1:15 Worldwide 1:25

7 Hepatitis B - the risk Cliff rescue Shore rescue Water rescue 0.0004ml of blood 5ml = a teaspoonful

8 Hepatitis B - prevention be aware hygiene gloves cover cuts and lesions handling sharps clearing spillages vaccination

9 Hepatitis B - vaccination primes your body to protect against invasion by Hepatitis B course of injections 0, 1 and 6 months blood test to check immunity further dose for long term protection

10 Hepatitis B vaccine- the facts Hepatitis B vaccine is very safe fine needle- painless most common side effects are redness and slight soreness other effects are very rare protects only against Hepatitis B

11 Hepatitis B vaccination policy Most countries world-wide vaccinate in childhood. Ireland does not In Ireland Hepatitis B vaccine recommended for certain groups including security and emergency personnel Irish Coast Guard- responsible for your welfare

12 Hepatitis B policy Inform –seminar –packs Offering vaccination –voluntary Accept –regional doctor –disclaimer form –record Refuse –non-acceptance –record

13 Hepatitis B - prevention Remove at least one of the dangers that you face!! The decision is yours!!


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