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Expense Reporting - TR Travel and Expense Module.

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1 Expense Reporting - TR Travel and Expense Module

2 If you are traveling to a conference, or a meeting more than 50 miles from Cleveland, you need to submit a TA (Travel Authorization) and have it approved before you go. You do NOT use the TR to begin the travel authorization process. Refer to the complete T&E instructions on creating a TA. The instructions that follow here are only for an expense report that is not associated with a TA.

3 When to Use a TR A New TR is only for those non-travel reimbursable items. Examples: Last minutes supplies for a training session Mileage between campuses or clinical sites SAVE RECEIPTS!

4 My Tri-C Space Working at Tri-C channel. Click the Travel and Expense Link

5 Login Link

6 Login to Sungard User Name: Your S number Password: Your Pin number Faculty should use the PIN entered when they submit leave requests and reports.

7 Navigation Tips Edit Profile tab Expense Manager Tab Navigation Menu

8 Review Your Profile Your approver should be your time sheet approver.

9 TR – Creating New On the Expense Manager tab, select New You MUST be on Expense Report Link

10 TR- General Information Select from drop down boxes where available. Starred fields MUST have entries. Save and Continue

11 Cancel the Itinerary Screen It may, or may not appear, but you do not have an itinerary for a TR.

12 Enter Expenses: Mileage 2. Select type 3. Select Mileage 1. Date 4. Enter number of miles 5. SAVE. System will calculate

13 New MealG The New Meal Guidelines This includes tax and tip + MEALS BREAKFAST$11.00 LUNCH$16.00 DINNER$34.00

14 System enters “Pay” amount here. Continue the same way for additional expenses. Any items can be deleted by clicking the “x” at far right of screen.

15 TR - Detail When all details are entered click View or Submit Report.

16 Click Print to view a PDF file

17 Select Detail Report

18 The PDF file provides an easy way to review your expenses. Print the PDF file because you will be submitting this to the Accounts Payable office along with all your original receipts. You also can save the file to your computer if you wish. Exit PDF

19 Click Submit

20 Submit Confirmation

21 TR –Status Details TR status can be: 1. In Process 2. Submitted 3. Approved 4. Ready to Pay 5. Paid You will soon have a list of all your Expense reports with ID, dates, status, and amounts.

22 Final Reminder If you have returned from travel where you submitted a TA, you file a TR that is generated from that TA. A “straight” TR, such as the one demonstrated in this documentation, is only used for items such as in-county travel, supplies, business meals, etc.

23 Questions regarding Travel and Expense can be directed to: Karen Mrak Accounts Payable Supervisor 987-4738 Documentation by The Office of Training and Development/cjk September 2010

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