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Indicative Waste Water Treatment System Required  Bilge Waste WaterBilge Waste Water  Ballast Waste WaterBallast Waste Water  Boat yard refurbishmentsBoat.

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1 Indicative Waste Water Treatment System Required  Bilge Waste WaterBilge Waste Water  Ballast Waste WaterBallast Waste Water  Boat yard refurbishmentsBoat yard refurbishments  Boat antifal/ hull blasting WashingBoat antifal/ hull blasting Washing  Faecal Waste/ down board cooking facilitiesFaecal Waste/ down board cooking facilities  Modular Wastewater Treatment plants availableModular Wastewater Treatment plants available  Offsite removal of contaminates offshoreOffsite removal of contaminates offshore

2 BILGE WATER Problems:  Emulsified oils & detergents  High solids content  Heavy metal contamination Discharge:  Return to environment Solution:  Domino ICSEP De-oiling Model

3 BILGE WATER Features of an ICSEP  Water treatment facility treats 3,000 litres/hour  Bilge and wash down water  It is designed to remove: - hydrocarbons (oil, grease, fuel, etc) - solids (marine matter, sand, paint flecks, other fine suspended solids)  Oil separated is stored in a tank for removal  Treated water is stored prior to release  Requires no chemical treatment


5 BALLAST WATER Problems:  Minor Hydrocarbon Contamination  Solids  Microbiological Contamination from non local Ecosystems Discharge:  Return to environment Solution: Domino ICSEP constant Recycling system with custom ultra violet sterilization


7 BOAT YARD REFURBISHMENTS Problems:  High solids content  Minor heavy metals  Major heavy metals  Low hydrocarbon Discharge:  Recycle or to environment Solution: Domino WWR Maxi-Plus or Maxi-Plus Custom with resin. Solids interception- Waste water is pumped from the slipway to treatment plant

8 BOAT ANTIFAL/ HULL BLASTING WASHING Problems:  Supply contained area for domestic boat wash  No Municipal Mains water available for washing Discharge:  Recycle, top up from rain water harvesting Solution: Domino WWR Micro & SWT systems


10 FAECAL WASTE Problem:  Removal and disposal of sanitary waste from within the vessels Discharge:  To environment on/off site Solution:  Vacuum pumping system to remove from vessel to storage. Can be set up as manual, automatic or coin operated

11 Modular Wastewater Treatment …CA-mini series The EW CA-mini Wastewater Treatment Package, Submerged Contact Biological Reactor, forms the aerobic biological stage of a packaged wastewater treatment system. The CA-mini package are available as compact packaged plants or as packaged modular systems. These will treat municipal or industrial wastewater to achieve degrees of treatment, such as BOD removal, Nitrification and/or total Nitrogen reduction and Phosphorus reduction. Packaged Everything Water CA-mini plants are available in a range of specifications or can be custom built. CA-mini series is a complete wastewater treatment system in a flexible package of modular treatment units utilizing submerged fixed film technology. Available modules include a Solids Separation Tank for primary solids removal, Equalization Tank for storage and equalize wastewater, Contact Aeration Tank for BOD reduction, and a Sedimentation Tank for separation solids. Everything Water wastewater treatment packages are based on the research and experience of Project E over the past several years. The polyethylene tank used in treatment is manufactured according to high-quality standards that ensure its durability and decades of lifespan. Other components of the system such as air blower and pumps are selected for their efficiency. CA-mini series an aerobic biological treatment process which maximizes the efficiency of the micro-organisms to digest the organic waste. Wastewater Solution The CA-mini Modular Wastewater Treatment System is a complete package that utilizes individual, self-contained, modular treatment units in series for complete, advanced wastewater treatment. In one compact train of small, non-corrosive tanks, this system provides for both physical and biological removal of solids, organics, and even nitrogen and phosphorous, if required. These systems are designed to be highly flexible in capacity. And the “linking” nature of the design allows easy expansion for future growth and demand. Contract Aeration Tank Sedimentation/Disinfection Tank Solid Separation Tank Equalization Tank Inlet Outlet Chlorine Dosing Unit Air Blower

12 1. Solids Separation Tank This chamber will separate sediment and grease from wastewater with digesting organic matter and biodegradable organics by anaerobic bacteria (microorganisms which function in the absence of oxygen). 2. Equalization Tank Equalization tank will be used to store and equalize wastewater quantity and characteristics. Usually, wastewater does not flow into a wastewater treatment plant at a constant rate, the flow rate varies during a day according to the life style. The changing amount and strength of wastewater to be treated makes efficient process operation difficult and often cause problem in a treatment system. The purpose of flow equalization is to dampen these variations so that the wastewater can be treated at a constant flow rate. In this tank, submersible pumps will be installed to control wastewater flow rate. 3. Contact Aeration Tank After the Equalization Tank, the living organisms in the contact media plate will digest organic matters moreover, the aerator will add oxygen to the tank to help bacteria work highly efficient and to reduce undesirable odor. In addition, the diffuser has an air disperser in a backwash system. In this chamber, the introduction of air from the blower allows a sufficient amount of oxygen to be dissolved into the wastewater. This additional air supply invigorates the activity of aerobic bacteria (micro-organisms which need the presence of oxygen to function) living on the surface of the bio-contact medium, to further purify the water. 4. Sedimentation and Disinfection Tank As the bacteria in the Contact Aeration dies off, if falls away from the media and is passed forward to the final Sedimentation Chamber where it settles, further reducing the level of suspended solids in the final effluent. Inlet Treatment Mechanism The technology utilized in the reactor modules was proven in over ten years of operation in high-strength leachate plants. The bio-media is the same as that used in thousands of treatment plants worldwide. The process is not dependent on settling and returning activated sludge because the biomass is fixed in place on the structured media. Reliable performance is assured because of the inherent stability of the fixed biomass. Submerged Fixed Film Solids Separation TankEqualization Tank (Optional)Contact Aeration TankSedimentation and Disinfection Tank Outlet Flow Chart

13 OFFSITE REMOVAL OF CONTAMINATES OFFSHER What is Continuous Membrane Filtration (CMF) ?  It is the latest technology to remove any solid particles in water.  Basically, the CMF system pumps water through a porous plastic membrane. This membrane has very small holes in its’ surface and as such filters out of the water any suspended solids. To prevent blockages and maintain proper flow rates, the system backwashes the membrane with its’ own filtered water, scours the membrane surface with air and then provides chemical rinsing.  As all this process is fully automated by using a PLC controller, the system will continue to process water with minimal human involvement.

14 Chemical wash Raw water Tank Recerculation Pump Chemical Washing Pump Chemical Washing Tank Air Compressor Permeate Backwash Pump Permeate Tank Return concentrate Chemical Tank2 Chemical Tank1 Water only backwash Water & air backwash Water &air backwash (air) Raw water Permeate CMF SYSTEM LAYOUT

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