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Career exploration: career clusters & pathways

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1 Career exploration: career clusters & pathways
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2 What are Career Clusters & Pathways?
Groups of similar occupations and industries Developed by the U.S. Department of Education There are 16 Career Cluster according to the Dept. of Ed. Pathways Area of concentration within a career cluster Each pathway contains a group of careers requiring similar academic and technical skills, education, and certification

3 The 16 Career Clusters Agriculture & Natural Resources
Architecture & Construction Arts, Audio/Video Technology, & Communication Business Administration Education & Training Finance Government & Public Administration Health Science Hospitality & Tourism Human Services Information Technology Law & Public Safety Manufacturing Retail/Wholesale Sales & Services Scientific Research & Engineering Transportation Distribution & Logistics

4 Agriculture & Natural Resources Career Cluster
Jobs in the agriculture and natural resources career cluster involve : planning, managing, and performing agricultural production, horticulture and landscaping services, and related professional and technical services planning, managing, and performing mining and extraction operations managing and conserving natural resources; and performing related environmental services.

5 Agriculture & Natural Resources Pathways
Agriculture management, production, and operations This pathway covers all occupations necessary for running a farm, ranch, or aquaculture farm. Occupations include farmer, farm manager, animal handler, meat cutter, and agricultural product inspector. Horticulture, landscaping, and groundskeeping Jobs in this pathway involve designing and tending plants and landscapes in the human environment. Jobs include landscape architect, lawn maintenance worker, groundskeeper, nursery worker, irrigation worker, and pest control service worker. Agriculture sciences, processes and support services The jobs in this pathway help make farming possible by taking care of food safety, animal breeding and health, and farming efficiency. Jobs include agriculture researcher, food science and processing worker, and veterinarian. Mining and operations This pathway encompasses the jobs involved in building and operating mines and gas and oil wells. Jobs include mining engineer, well driller, mining equipment operator, geologist, mining inspector, petroleum technician, and derrick operator. Conservation and natural resources

6 Architecture & Construction Career Cluster
Jobs in the architecture and construction career cluster involve designing, planning, managing, building, and maintaining the built environment.

7 Architecture & Construction Pathways
Preconstruction & Design This pathway encompasses all the jobs that are done before a project can be built, including architect, civil engineer, cost estimator, contractor, developer, highway engineer, surveyor, specification writer, and urban planner. Construction The construction pathway includes all the jobs involved in actual construction, from demolition to finish carpentry. Jobs include bricklayer, construction worker, demolition worker, heavy equipment operator, drywall installer, mason, floor covering installer, pipefitter, rigger, and welder. Maintenance & Operation This pathway contains all the jobs related to maintaining, repairing, and upgrading structures; such as electrician, plumber, painter, HVAC mechanic, building inspector, and architectural historian.

8 Arts/Video Technology, & Communication Career Cluster
Jobs in the arts, audio/video technology, and communications career cluster involve designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content including visual and performing arts and design, journalism, and entertainment services.

9 Arts/Video Technology, & Communication Career Pathways
Visual Arts There are more than 300,000 visual artists in the United States, including fine artists, commercial artists, curators, photographers, videographers, fashion designers, and art instructors. Performing Arts This pathway includes not only performers, but also all the behind-the- scenes workers who make performances possible. Jobs include production manager, cinematographer, dancer, playwright, director, actor, musician, make-up artist, costume designer, sound effects technician, stage lighting, composer, and conductor. Audio/Video Technology This pathway involves the technology used to produce tape recorders, VCRs, DVD players, special effects, and more. Jobs include audio systems technician, technical computer support technician for stage or screen, audio/video engineer, computer graphics animator, and video systems technician.

10 Arts/Video Technology, & Communication Career Pathways Continued
Journalism and Broadcasting This pathway encompasses everyone involved in journalism for print or broadcast outlets, including control room technicians, station managers, radio and TV announcers, publishers, editors, reporters, anchor people, and broadcast technicians. Telecommunications Technologies This pathway includes jobs designing, manufacturing, installing, and repairing telecommunications equipment. Jobs include telecommunication technician, cable installer, telephone line repairer, and telecommunication computer programmer. Printing Technology This pathway involves the technology used to print newspapers, books magazines, brochures, and more. Jobs include printing equipment operator, lithographer, desktop publishing specialist, and Web page designer.

11 Business & Administration Career Clusters
Jobs in the business and administration career cluster involve planning, organizing, directing, performing, and evaluating business functions essential to effective and productive business operations.

12 Business & Administration Career Pathways
Financial Management and Accounting Workers in this pathway perform a company's financial operations, tracking sales and expenses, planning budgets, handling invoicing, receiving payments, preparing tax statements, and more. Jobs include auditor, accountant, tax examiner, bookkeeping clerk, and auditing clerk. Human Resources This pathway focuses on the management of people. Jobs include labor relations manager, personnel manager, industrial- organizational psychologist, and human resources manager. Administrative and Information Support Workers in this pathway help a company operate efficiently. Jobs include receptionist, secretary, mail clerk, information systems manager, transcriptionist, database manager, office manager, and records clerk.

13 Business & Administration Career Pathways Continued
Business Analysis This pathway covers any activity that helps people understand how a particular aspect of a business works. Workers in this pathway include management consultants, management analysts, operations analysts, systems analysts, and business analysts. Management Management is the direction or control of a business or enterprise. Management occupations include administrative manager, restaurant manager, hotel manager, marketing manager, advertising manager, small business entrepreneur, and retail manager. Marketing and Communications Workers in this pathway help their firms market and sell products and services more effectively. Jobs include marketing assistant, market researcher, marketing manager, marketing director, public relations specialist, product developer, and promotions manager.

14 Education & Training Career Cluster
Jobs in the education and training career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing education and training services, and related learning support services, including assessment and library and information services.

15 Education & Training Career Pathways
Support Services This pathway includes all of the services, other than teaching, that are essential for students to succeed, including the occupations of psychologist, social worker, parent educator, counselor, speech-language pathologist, and audiologist. Teaching/Training This pathway includes all the jobs teaching or training students in settings from preschool to business conference rooms. Jobs include teachers (of all types and at all education levels), teacher aides, human resources trainers, physical trainers, and coaches. Child Care and Teacher Aides This pathway includes the people who care for young children in day care centers and classrooms, including child care directors, child care workers, child life specialists, nannies, and early childhood teachers. Education Administration and Administrative Support Workers in this pathway keep schools functioning by performing a wide range of administrative duties. Jobs include superintendent, principal, and school administrator; instructional coordinator, education researcher, college president, curriculum developer, and instructional media designer.

16 Finance Career Cluster
Jobs in the finance career cluster involve providing services for financial and investment planning, banking insurance, and business financial management.

17 Finance Career Pathways
Banking and Related Services This pathway includes all the occupations required to make banking institutions run. Jobs include loan officer, teller, compliance officer, credit analyst, new accounts clerk, internal auditor, bill collector, mortgage underwriter, customer service representative, and commercial workout specialist. Insurance Services Workers in this pathway provide services to policyholders and insurance companies. Jobs include actuary, insurance underwriter, insurance appraiser, claims agent, claims adjuster, insurance agent, and claims investigator. Business Financial Management This pathway is involved in directing companies' investment policies and preparing financial documents for regulatory authorities. Jobs include tax examiner, financial analyst, treasurer, tax preparer, controller, economist, and auditor. Financial and Investment Planning Jobs in this pathway involve managing other people's money and helping other people reach their financial goals. Occupations in this pathway include stockbroker, investment advisor, development officer, real estate asset manager, securities underwriter, and securities sales agent.

18 Government & Public Administration Career Cluster
Jobs in the government and public administration career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing government legislative and administrative and regulatory services and related general purpose government services at the federal, state, and local levels.

19 Government & Public Administration Career Pathways
Planning This pathway involves drawing up guidelines for how land in a particular area should be used. Jobs in planning include urban planner, zoning board member, federal aid coordinator, county services director, and census clerk. Revenue and Taxation This pathway covers the workers who collect revenue for federal, state, and local governments, including tax examiners, IRS agents, auditors, and assessors. Governance This pathway encompasses all the workers involved in the process of governing, either at the local, state, or federal level, including legislators, legislative aides, city managers, policy analysts, and policy researchers.

20 Government & Public Administration Career Pathways Continued
Regulation This pathway involves enforcing compliance with the laws and rules made by the government. Occupations include bank examiner, labor law investigator, election supervisor, health inspector, customs agent, child support officer, and border inspector. National Security The national security pathway includes more than 2 million workers involved in protecting the security of the United States, including air defense officers, counterintelligence agents, CIA agents, soldiers, sailors, and airmen; cryptologists, and special forces agents. Foreign Service The foreign service is a corps of professionals who represent the United States abroad. Jobs include consul, attaché, ambassador, and foreign service officer.

21 Health Sciences Career Cluster
Jobs in the health science career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing diagnostic, therapeutic, supportive, and information and research services in health care.

22 Health Science Career Pathways
Supportive Services Workers in this pathway are responsible for administration, building and equipment maintenance, and environmental quality monitoring—all services that are vital to the provision of health care. Jobs include biomedical equipment technician, supply technician, industrial hygienist, maintenance worker, housekeeper, and environmental health specialist. Information and Communication Services Workers in this pathway are responsible for managing and organizing health information, and for making that information available to the appropriate people. Jobs include admitting clerk, medical records administrator, hospital administrator, medical transcriptionist, medical coder, medical biller, and health educator. Diagnostic Services Jobs in this pathway focus on the diagnosis of illness and disease. Occupations include radiographer, cytotechnologist, histotechnologist, sonographer, blood bank technologist, medical technician, phlebotomist, and dosimetrist. Therapeutic Services Workers in this pathway provide treatment and therapy for diseases and disorders. Jobs include EMT/paramedic, physician, physician assistant, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, physical therapist, chiropractor, optometrist, audiologist, respiratory therapist, and speech pathologist. Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Services Jobs in this pathway focus on research and development of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Occupations in this pathway include pharmaceutical technician, cytobiologist, biostatistician, microbiologist, and research lab technician.

23 Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster
Jobs in the hospitality and tourism career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing lodging, food, recreation, conventions, and tourism, and related planning and support services such as travel-related services.

24 Hospitality & Tourism Career Pathways
Lodging and Housekeeping Services This pathway includes all the jobs required for hotels, motels, inns, and resorts to function and serve guests. Jobs include lodging manager, janitorial worker, front desk attendant, bellhop, concierge, and housekeeper. Food Production and Services This is the largest pathway in this cluster, and includes all the jobs in restaurants, catering services, and anywhere else where food is served. Jobs include waiter, waitress, wine steward, busperson, chef and cook, bartender, food safety inspector, dietician and nutritionist, food technologist, institutional food service worker, and restaurant and facilities manager. Recreation, Gaming, and Sports This career pathway includes jobs in amusement parks, sports stadiums, and recreation centers. Jobs in this pathway are quite varied, from professional athletes and umpires to amusement park workers, from lifeguards to blackjack dealers. Travel and Tourism Services This pathway comprises all the jobs involved in planning and booking travel reservations, leading tours, and planning special events. Jobs include travel agent, travel promotion worker, tour director, and convention management.

25 Human Services Career Cluster
Jobs in the human services career cluster involve tending to families and to human needs.

26 Human Services Career Pathways
Early Childhood Development and Services This pathway involves caring for the psychological, physical, and intellectual growth of children, from infancy through adolescence. Jobs include child development specialist, child care worker, parent educator, day care center director, and preschool teacher. Counseling and Mental Health Services The goal of workers in this pathway is to help people who suffer from emotional or mental problems. Jobs include substance abuse counselor, psychologist, school social worker, mental health aide, sociologist, and public health social worker. Family and Community Services Workers in this pathway provide a variety of services that help strengthen family and community life. Jobs include adult day care worker, community service worker, food pantry organizer, social worker, volunteer coordinator, and religious counselor. Personal Care Services Workers in this pathway help people feel and look better, and offer services that make people's lives more convenient. Occupations include wedding consultant, personal shopper, party planner, massage therapist, makeup artist, image consultant, cosmetologist, and beautician. Consumer Services These services assist the buying public by ensuring that they receive fair treatment in the marketplace. Jobs include product safety tester, consumer outreach coordinator, consumer fraud investigator, consumer advisor, and consumer credit counselor.

27 Information Technology Career Cluster
Jobs in the information technology career cluster involve the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software multimedia, and systems integration services.

28 Information Technology Career Pathways
Information Support and Services This is the largest pathway in IT, and it involves analyzing users' requirements in detail, selecting the best possible solution, writing specifications, and obtaining the necessary hardware. Jobs include data systems designer, help desk technician, application integrator, technical writer, database specialist, data analyst, and maintenance technician. Programming and Software Development People in this pathway design, develop, and produce computer software. They have occupations such as systems analyst, programmer, business analyst, operating systems designer, software architect, software engineer, and applications analyst. Network Systems This pathway includes the workers who establish and maintain links between computers, either within a single office, or across the World Wide Web. Jobs include WAN/LAN technician, communications analyst, systems engineer, network support specialist, network engineer, network administrator, and PC support specialist. Interactive Media Workers in this pathway create computer applications and content based on interactive media technology. Jobs include Webmaster, Web designer, digital media specialist, and multimedia author.

29 Law & Public Safety Career Cluster
Jobs in the law and public safety career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing judicial, legal, and protective services.

30 Law & Public Safety Career Pathways
Law and Legal Public Services Occupations in this pathway involve ensuring the proper function of our nation's legal system. Jobs include legislator, judge, magistrate, lawyer, legal assistant and paralegal, and inspector or compliance officer. Criminal Justice and Corrections This pathway includes a variety of occupations involved in protecting the public, keeping the peace, and controlling inmate populations. Jobs include security guard, forensic expert, police chief, police officer, detective, corrections officer, bailiff, and U.S. Marshal. Fire Protection All occupations in this pathway involve working in potentially risky situations, fighting fires and protecting the public against fires and other dangers. Jobs include dispatcher, firefighter, and fire inspector.

31 Manufacturing Career Cluster
Jobs in the manufacturing career cluster involve planning, managing, and performing the processing of materials into intermediate or final products and related professional and technical support activities, such as production planning and control, maintenance, and manufacturing/process engineering.

32 Manufacturing Career Pathways
Precision Metal Production This field includes a variety of metalworking jobs such as foundry workers, sheet metal workers, tool and die makers, and machine operators. Precision Technology Processes In this pathway, computers and computer-aided systems are used to design, create, and assemble detailed, high-quality products. Jobs include optical goods workers, medical appliance workers, quality control technicians, pattern and model makers, and instrument makers. Electromechanical Installation and Maintenance This field includes all jobs involved with installing, maintaining, and repairing devices that use electricity, from cellular phones to nuclear power generators. Jobs include biomedical equipment technician, laser systems technician, computer maintenance technician, computer installer, business machine repairer, industrial electronic installer, meter installer or repairer, utility manager, power generating and reactor plant operators, and instrument control technicians. Production Design, Operations, and Maintenance This pathway includes all of the tasks required to set up and run a manufacturing plant, from industrial and manufacturing engineers, to process control technicians, from automated manufacturing technicians to plastics production workers, and from boilermakers to clothing production workers.

33 Retail/Wholesale Sales & Services Career Cluster
Jobs in the retail/wholesale sales and service career cluster involve planning, managing, and performing wholesaling and retailing services and related marketing and distribution support services including merchandise/product management and promotion.

34 Retail/Wholesale Sales and Service Career Pathways
Merchandising and Sales This pathway includes career related to promoting, buying, and selling goods to the public and to businesses. Jobs include wholesale and retail buyer, international salesperson, retail salesperson, cashier, adjustment clerk, and real estate sales agent. Promotion and Public Relations Workers in this pathway are responsible for ensuring that customers buy retail goods. Jobs in this pathway include advertising manager, advertising clerk, public relations specialist, marketing researcher, and international marketing manager. General Distribution This pathway covers all the jobs necessary to get goods to the right people at the right time, including distribution managers, route salespersons, scheduling and recording workers; traffic, shipping, and receiving clerks; warehouse managers, and material moving packers. Management/Entrepreneurship This career pathway is made up of all managerial occupations in this career cluster, including small business entrepreneurs, managers, sales supervisors, merchandising managers, and e-commerce managers.

35 Scientific Research & Engineering Career Cluster
Jobs in the scientific research and engineering career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing scientific research and professional technical services (e.g., physical science, social science, engineering) including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services.

36 Scientific Research & Engineering Career Pathways
Engineering and Technology This pathway includes all of the many different kinds of engineers who work in both government and the private sector. Jobs include systems engineer, safety engineer, chemical engineer, transportation engineer, optical engineer, nuclear engineer, mechanical engineer, industrial engineer, electrical engineer, civil engineer, biotechnology engineer, and agricultural engineer. Science and Math This pathway includes a variety of occupations, from research scientists and mathematicians, to technicians, such as hazardous materials technicians or nuclear technicians. This pathway also includes scientific specialists, such as herpetologists, physicists, botanists, biologists, toxicologists, paleontologists, ornithologists, chemists, linguists, geologists, astronomers, and archaeologists.

37 Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Career Cluster
Jobs in the transportation, distribution, and logistics career cluster involve the planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and goods by road, air, rail, and water, as well as related professional and technical support services such as transportation infrastructure planning and management; logistics services; and mobile equipment and facility maintenance.

38 Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Career Pathways
Logistics Planning and Management Services Jobs in this pathway involve planning, managing, and controlling the physical distribution of people and freight from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Jobs include logistics manager, logistics engineer, and logistics analyst. Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations This pathway covers the jobs involved in packaging, loading, and tracking goods for transportation, including warehouse manager, industrial and packaging engineer; traffic, shipping, and receiving clerk; and material handling worker. Sales and Service These jobs involve marketing and selling transportation services for people or freight. Jobs include marketing and sales manager, reservation and travel clerk, customer service representative, customer billing clerk, and cashier.

39 Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Career Pathways Continued
Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance This pathway comprises jobs maintaining, repairing, and servicing all types of vehicles, including trucks, airplanes, cars, and other transportation equipment. Occupations include facility maintenance manager, industrial equipment mechanic, industrial electrician; and automotive, truck, aircraft, locomotive, or ship mechanic. Risk Management and Health and Safety Management Workers in this pathway assess and manage safety risks and possible environmental hazards. Jobs include health and safety engineer, environmental manager, safety analyst, and emergency services worker. Transportation Systems/Infrastructure Planning, Management, and Regulations This pathway focuses on the planning and management of the public transportation infrastructure. Jobs include urban or regional planner, government regulator, and other jobs in federal, state, and local transportation agencies.

40 Wrap up Exploring career clusters and career pathways is another way to help you to decide which direction to take in terms of making decisions that will influence your future. Consider these clusters and pathways as you register for classes, develop skills, choose projects, and decide on activities in which you participate. Choosing a career is an ongoing process. By considering your options now, you will be better able to find a career that suits you.

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