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Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Diploma Industrial Chemistry AS115.

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1 Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Diploma Industrial Chemistry AS115

2 Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Program Education Outcomes Programme Objectives :- 1. A competent assistant industrial chemist/technologist with strong understanding of fundamental scientific and technological knowledge required for application in society, environment and various industries 2. A competent candidate to enter and succeed in a related science and technology undergraduate programme. 3. An assistant industrial chemist/technologist with professional attitudes and ethics necessary in fulfilling his/her responsibilities towards the Creator, client and the society. 4. An assistant industrial chemist/technologist scientist/technologist who is able to adapt him/herself to the local and international/global work environment. 5. An assistant industrial chemist/technologist capable of performing a broad range of complex technical tasks 6. An assistant industrial chemist/technologist who is able to conduct research and technology transfer in his/her own organization.

3 Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Programme Outcomes 1. An ability to acquire and apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and applied sciences fundamentals 2..An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data. 3. An ability to operate modern scientific tools necessary for industrial chemistry practices. 4. An ability to recognize the impact of scientific solutions in a global, economic, environmental and societal context and an ability to take social responsibility. 5. An ability to recognize and apply ethical standards of values, ethics and integrity in their professional work. 6. An ability to orally express and articulate scientific ideas effectively.

4 Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy 7. An ability to express and articulate scientific ideas in written form effectively. 8. An ability to work in a team in multi-disciplinary projects. 9. An ability to identify industrial chemistry-related problems. 10. An ability to acquire and disseminate scientific information. 11. An ability to engage in life-long learning. 12. An ability to acquire and apply entrepreneurial skills. Programme Outcomes

5 Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy  PEO vs PO PEO vs PO  PO vs MOHE / Softskill PO vs MOHE / Softskill  CO CO  LO

6 Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Learning Outcomes  By the end of this topic students should be able to:  Explain the principles and the working mechanism of Infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy  Identify the molecular species that absorb IR radiation  Interpret IR spectrum  Explain stretching and bending vibrations in relation to IR absorption  Determine unknown qualitatively using IR absorption  Draw a schematic diagram of a conventional IR instrument and a fourier transform IR instrument and explain the function of each component of the instrument  Differentiate between a dispersive IR instrument and an FTIR spectrometer

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