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1 Aastra S850i Wireless Conference Phone Aastra S850i Product Summary.

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1 1 Aastra S850i Wireless Conference Phone Aastra S850i Product Summary

2 2 Contents Overview Product Description Product Applications & Configurations Unified Communications Keys Strengths and Attributes

3 3 Aastra S850i Overview SIP-based wireless conference phone designed for use in conference rooms, boardrooms, executive offices and wherever else there is a need for an audio conference solution The wireless architecture of the S850i enables freedom and flexibility for placement of it’s distinct components to accommodate any conference room setting Unified Communications product providing connectivity with audio and video conferencing, PC applications and mobile phones/devices Compatible with Aastra communication servers (MX-ONE, A5000, A400, Clearspan) and multiple third-party servers Sold as a standalone conference phone system and also as part of the Aastra BluStar™ for Conference Room solution

4 4 S850i Product Description The Aastra S850i is a SIP-based wireless conference phone that uses a combination of DECT and Bluetooth ® wireless technologies to deliver crystal clear audio performance for voice conferencing and can serve as the audio interface for video conferencing providing the same high end audio performance The S850i is comprised of one wireless speaker, two omnidirectional microphones, a handset dialer, a wireless base unit and a charger tray Wireless base unit is connected to the IP network via an Ethernet connection Communicates with the wireless speaker and wireless microphones using DECT wireless technology Communicates with the handset dialer and mobile devices that support the Hands Free Profile (HFP) using Bluetooth ® technology

5 5 S850i Product Description (cont’d) Wireless speaker and microphones provide users the freedom to place components throughout the room to optimize sound quality and create multiple configurations Wireless handset dialer is used to place and receive calls in a private or conference mode and can also be used to configure the system settings Standards based SIP call control provides extensive interoperability Bluetooth® technology also allows mobile devices to place calls using the S850i speaker and microphones Connectivity with PC applications, such as Aastra’s BluStar for PC, can be accomplished with an optional USB connector kit Auxiliary audio In/Out allows deployment with Video Conferencing systems

6 6 Aastra S850i Components Aastra S850i is completely wireless Components One handset dialer for operation and system configuration One wireless speaker Two omnidirectional tabletop wireless microphones One charger tray for speaker, microphones and handset dialer One wireless base unit with 7’ Ethernet cable

7 7 S850i - Audio High definition audio bandwidth Immune to cell phone interference 100% GSM/Blackberry/iPhone immune Rechargeable Up to 8 hours of talk-time Operates in or out of the charger base Microphones and speaker can be placed independently of each other S850i comes with 2 omnidirectional mics; a lapel (wearable) mic can be purchased separately Omnidirectional mic Lapel (wearable) mic

8 8 Handset Dialer Intuitive & interactive interface Used to place & receive calls Answer in speaker or handset mode One touch toggle to switch from private call to conference call Shows recent calls and contact list Color LCD screen Can be used to configure the system settings

9 9 Configuration and Installation The S850i is configurable via the handset dialer or a web Wireless base unit is connected to the IP network via an PoE connection Charger Tray for the wireless speaker, microphones and handset dialer is powered by a universal AC power adapter Multi-Language Support: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

10 10 S850i Applications Conference Room Flexible configuration for wireless microphone & speaker Omnidirectional microphones capture voice from 360° and lapel (wearable) mic allows for presenter to move about the room Audio, Video, and IP conference support Executive Office Wireless handset and conference phone in one Handheld phone for privacy or speaker phone for a conference call (one touch toggle) Flexible mic & speaker placement

11 11 S850i Deployment Configurations Two omnidirectional microphones v v Wireless flexibility for small, medium or large conference rooms Or settings where separate areas need to be covered by microphones Additional Speaker (and Charger Tray) may be purchased if needed

12 12 S850i Deployment Configurations One omnidirectional & one optional wearable microphone The ideal solution for an interactive audio conference enabling a presenter or a moderator to still be clearly heard while leaving the conferencing table Lapel (wearable) microphone is sold separately

13 13 S850i: Unified Communications Integration with video conferencing solutions such as the Aastra BluStar for Conference Room using balanced Auxiliary In and Out connectivity Integration with PC applications such as the Aastra BluStar for PC with optional USB connector kit Integration with mobile devices using Bluetooth technology

14 14 Integration with Communication Servers Third Party Communication ServersAastra Communication Servers MX-ONE Aastra 400 Aastra 5000 Clearspan Will work with a wide variety of 3 rd party Communication Servers

15 15 Keys Strengths and Attributes Aastra S850i Conference Phone Wireless freedom and flexibility for small, medium or large conference rooms >Place components throughout the room where you need them >No more wires on the conference room table or floor Crystal clear audio communication >High pickup range with two omnidirectional mics >Feel like you are all in the same room Bluetooth enabled >Allows the S850i to be the speaker and microphone for mobile device calls Flexibility for types of microphones used >Omnidirectional desk/tabletop mics, lapel (wearable) mic >Microphones can be controlled separately – mute/unmute on an individual basis Flexible handset dialer >Can be used for private or conference calls – one touch toggle between call types > Dialer can be used to configure system settings Unified Communication integration to video conferencing and PC applications Secure and immune to interference >128-bit encryption on the signal sent between the microphone and base unit >Wireless components can co-exist with other wireless products, such as wireless LANs, without interference and are immune to mobile phone interference Cost effective >Supports both audio and video conferencing to reduce conference room equipment requirements

16 16 Thank you!

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