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Pippin Ch.5 Secession and Resistance By Matthew Pippin.

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1 Pippin Ch.5 Secession and Resistance By Matthew Pippin

2 Pippin Important facts about North and South South Farming economy based on cotton. Cotton production based around slavery Manufactured very little and imported much so opposed high tariffs. No need for strong Gov. and feared it would interfere with slavery. North. Industrial economy Factories needed labor but not slave labor Wanted high tariffs to protect products from competition Needed central Gov. to build roads and railways to protect trading interest.

3 Pippin Law passed in 1820 stating that Missouri would enter union as slave state and Maine as a free state Missouri Compromise Stated that southern boundary of Missouri would be the dividing line for new states entering the Union Line known as 36,30’N

4 Pippin

5 Agreement where California would enter as free state and Utah and New Mexico Territories would be open to slavery. Compromise of 1850

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7 Stephen Douglas’s idea that people living in an area could decide whether or not to allow slavery. Popular Sovereignty

8 Pippin Attached to the Compromise of 1850,it mandated that northern states return escaped slaves to their owners in south. Fugitive Slave Law

9 Pippin Act that allowed Kansas and Nebraska to use popular sovereignty to determine if slavery would be allowed. Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854

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11 Armed clashes between proslavery and abolitionist settlers in Kansas Bleeding Kansas Each side est. a government and Kansas existed as a state in Civil War.

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13 Political Party that believed slavery must not be permitted in new territory. Free-Soilers Martin Van Buren was part of this party

14 Pippin New Political party that formed around the opposition of slavery Republican

15 Pippin Supreme court case that said slaves were not citizens and said the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional. Dred Scott Case

16 Pippin Argument by Stephen Douglas that slavery could not be instituted without laws to govern it Freeport Doctrine Caused Douglas to loose support in the South but kept support in the North.

17 Pippin Fierce abolitionist who hoped to arm the slaves and lead a attempt to seize a weapons depot at Harpers Ferry Virginia John Brown Was hung for treason His death helped unite the abolitionist movement. Southerners realized their security was at risk.

18 Pippin First President of the Confederate states of America Jefferson Davis Took office in Montgomery Alabama

19 Pippin Elected as the First Republican president of U.S. Abraham Lincoln Believed that slavery should not be allowed in the new territories His election caused the southern states to begin sucession

20 Pippin Site where civil war began on April 12, 1861 Ft. Sumter As result Lincoln called for 75,000 troops Border states have to decide which side to take.

21 Pippin County in Alabama that remained neutral during the Civil War Winston County Men meet at Looney’s Tavern to decide to remain neutral.

22 Pippin Result of conflict between southern planters in east Virginia and small farmers in the mountains of west Virginia Formation of state of West Virginia

23 Pippin Strategies at beginning of war Union or North Get southern states to rejoin the Union South Force the Union to recognize the rights of southern states to secede

24 Pippin Military strategy of the north to squeeze the south by naval blockade around the southern coast and seize control of Mississippi river. Anaconda Plan

25 Pippin First land battle of the Civil war Battle of Bull Run or Battle of Manassas

26 Pippin Battle that marked the turning point of the civil war Battle of Gettysburg

27 Pippin Site where Robert E Lee surrendered to General Grant ending the civil war Appomattox courthouse

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