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French English Relations Tuesday January 11 th, 2011.

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1 French English Relations Tuesday January 11 th, 2011

2 Agenda Homework – French English Relations 1980s Referendum Note Constitution Crisis - Note Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accord 1995 Quebec Referendum Article

3 Learning Target We will discuss the changing relationship between English Canada and Quebec, specifically language and constitutional issues. I will be able to explain Quebec’s separatist movements and the results it had on Canadian society. Success Criteria

4 Parti Quebecois & the 1980 Quebec Referendum The Parti Quebecois (PQ) passed Bill 101 (the language bill) – French would be the dominant language EVERYWHERE – All signs, public and private, had to be in French – Everyone (except a minority would be forced to learn French. In 1976, Rene Levesque is elected Premier of Quebec. He declared that the Parti Quebecois would soon call a referendum vote to allow citizens to decide Quebec's future.

5 Quebec Referendum 1980 The government of Quebec made public its proposal to negotiate a new agreement with the rest of Canada. The agreement would enable Quebec to acquire exclusive power to make its laws, levy its taxes and establish relations abroad (sovereignty) Quebec would still have economic ties to Canada On May 20, 1980, 60% of Quebecois voted no to sovereignty association. This was a major setback for the PQ.

6 Constitution Renewal After the 1980 Referendum, Trudeau started the process of renewing Canada's constitution. He promised during the 1980 referendum, to patriate the constitution (remove it from any remaining British control) The Charter of Rights and Freedoms would be included as well.

7 Constitution Renewal Trudeau met with the first ministers to strike a compromise and receive support for the new Constitution. –They were having great difficulty reaching a consensus. –Last minute decisions were made Levesque was left out and did not find out about the agreement until the morning.

8 Quebec and the New Constitution The Constitution Act of 1982 replaced the British North American Act (1867) Quebec felt betrayed –The constitution was supposed to be a way to meet Quebec's needs now the rest of the country was forcing this constitution on them. When the Queen and the first ministers signed the Constitution, Quebec was not present. –Flags were lowered to half-mast in Quebec and protest was held in Montreal.

9 Meech Lake and the Charlottetown Accord Using your textbook, Canada: A Nation Unfolding, complete the chart given to you. Homework: –Read about the Quebec Referendum of 1995

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