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LEADERSHIP The key to Success Spring workshops, 2012.

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1 LEADERSHIP The key to Success Spring workshops, 2012

2 What is leadership? Leadership is influence –Starts with leading self –Then leading others –Finally leading leaders

3 Leadership Listens first, then speaks Asks questions Inspires by example Promotes ownership Facilitates intangibles Use conditional statements Encourages choices Facilitates mindfulness

4 Reflections on Leaders’ Competencies

5 Principles of Leadership Know yourself and seek self- improvement Be technically proficient Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions Make sound and timely decisions Set the example = good role model

6 Principles (cont’d) Know your team and look out for their well being Keep your team informed Develop a sense of responsibility in your team Ensure that tasks are understood and accomplished Use the full capabilities of your organization

7 Basic Belief of Leaders Leadership is a partnership between team leaders and team members Performance is a journey People can and want to develop Development should be personalized and linked to specific goals/tasks Competence is a goal, task specific knowledge or skill Commitment is a combination of motivation and confidence

8 Reflections on Leadership Leadership cannot really be taught, it can only be learned. H. Geneen Leadership appears to be the art of getting others to want to do something that you are convinced should be done. V. Packard

9 5 practices of exemplary leadership Model the way Inspire a shared vision Challenge the process Enable others to act Encourage the heart

10 Principles of Communication Make communication a top priority. Be open to other people. Create a receptive environment for communication. Communication is built on trusting relationships

11 Effective Communications Do you ask for questions and wait for the answers? Do you respond quickly and directly to the questions that are asked? Does the other person feel you are listening actively to them?

12 Reflections on Personal Leadership

13 LEADERSHIP CHECKLIST Are you: self aware, persistent, pragmatic, knowledgeable, intuitive, flexible, open to change, committed to life-long learning. Do you have: have a sense of humour, good self- esteem, holistic approach to health and well-being

14 Reflections on Personal Leadership M.L. King – tell me what you think about, and that will tell me who you are.

15 Leadership Theories Trait theory Great events theory Transformational leadership theory


17 Developing leadership Reflecting on and learning from (evaluating) experience Surround yourself with leaders (mentors)

18 Emotionally intelligent leadership Daniel Goleman: A leader’s primary task is emotional leadership, requiring them to consistently: Be optimistic, authentic, have high- energy moods Be aware of how their moods drive the organizational moods and actions Adjusts their behaviours accordingly

19 Reflections on Team Building

20 Can you answer these team questions? What may I expect from you? Can I achieve my own goals by following you? Will I reach my potential by working with you? Can I entrust my future to you? Have you bothered to prepare yourself for leadership? Are you ready to be ruthlessly honest? Do you have the self-confidence and trust to let me do my job? What do you believe?

21 Reflections on Leadership Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. P. Drucker

22 Conclusions Anatomy of a Leader –Monkey –Big chin –Strong legs –Big mouth –Deaf ear –Rubber neck

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