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Education Working For All Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce.

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1 Education Working For All Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce

2 Introduction Marie McGrath, Opportunities For All Co-ordinator Stirling Opportunities For All Partnership Clare Whiston Fisher, Operational Leader Youth Services Shared Children, Young People and Education Service for Stirling & Clackmannanshire Council

3 Who is currently implementing Education Working For All ?

4 Learning Intention We are learning together to understand CLD's role with implementing Education For All

5 January 2013 Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce established Chair - Sir Ian Wood Final report published 3 June 2014

6 Ambition “To make recommendations towards Scotland producing better qualified, work ready and motivated young people with skills relevant to modern employment opportunities, both as employees and entrepreneurs of the future.” “More employers to recruit more young people.”

7 Recommendations Better preparing school leavers for the world of work College education focused on employment and progression in learning Modern Apprenticeships focussed on higher level skills and industry needs More Employers engaging with education and recruiting more young people Advancing equalities Successful Implementation – success targets

8 Strategically Programme Board Change Theme 1 Intensive industry influenced focus on employability within the CfE broad general education Change Theme 2 Clearer vocational pathways, starting in the senior phase leading to industry recognised qualifications Change Theme 3 College system focussed on employability, responding to industry’s skills needs Change Theme 4 Apprentice opportunities for young people to achieve a flexible set of qualifications, up to and including degree level Change Theme 5 A system underpinned by industry engagement

9 Links le/commissiondevelopingscotlandsyoungworkforce

10 Group Discussion In groups please take 20 minutes to decide who is the most appropriate lead partner to take forward each of the recommendations Be ready to feedback - for wider discussion

11 Summary of Learning 2 ways that the learning from this workshop will impact on your implementation of Education For ALL? and 1 related question that you will ask when you get back to work?

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